The comfy way of colour blocking

Today was what you would probably call a 'typical' November day. It's been foggy and cold but somehow I like days like these, when you just grab something comfortable out of your closet that keeps you warm and cosy the whole day and all you have to do is have some nice cup of tea (besides going to university..grr).
Also I've been in a first pre-christmas mood today which was the result of an indefatigable gift-wrapping 'orgy' that I organized when I read about this. That project is a great idea and I had to participate in it as soon as I read the article. And as far as my outfit is concerned.. it only had to serve the purpose of keeping me comfortable and brightening up the day a little bit :) Love, Julie

Sweater: Ralph Lauren, Shirt: Pull and Bear, Jeans: Zara


  1. You are such a sweetheart <3

  2. xoxo nette arbeit lorberry! hab gerade vorgestern mitn chrisi geredet was für einen coole idee es wäre einen blog zu haben :D fashion is eher nicht so mein ding aber wenn du willst lies dir mal die texte hier durch!sind zwar schon älter aber das ist meine art von blog: http://www.writerscafe.org/ElizabethT/writing/ hoff du kannst es öffnen.
    :* lisbeth lackner


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