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Hi everyone, I wanna spread a message in today's blog entry! Or is it more like a philosophy of life? Anyway, there's a question I've always used to ask myself: why saving a beautiful dress, a party-like outfit or anything pretty and/or glamorous for a special occasion? What if that day will never even come to pass? So my opinion is: Dress how you feel! Amen.
That's excactly what I was doing today, although some people might have thought I'm a little mad, showing up in a gold sequined skirt in broad daylight. Just when I had wondered if it could have been the wrong decision, a nice woman told me that she loved my outfit. What a highlight! See? - It's all about charisma!
Love, Julie

Skirt, Faux Leather Jacket, Shirt, Shoes: H&M, Tights: Primark,
Bag: Bershka, Bracelet: Vintage

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