What I like most about Saturdays is probably the fact that it's not yet Sunday. That may sound a little crazy, but as I've already mentioned some time ago, Sundays totally depress me - well, not always, but very often they tend to. Saturdays are the complete oposite: Shops are open, it's more likely to see happy faces around than during the week and last but not least there's that magical 'weekend-it's all good and chilled-feeling' in the air. (Although as a student, most days are like the others - especially when holidays are approaching and lectures are already over.) So here are some pictures from the Naschmarkt, where I usually go on Saturdays!
I like how you can see and feel that spring's near..
Regarding my outfit that means: My coats and Winter jackets can stay where they belong - in the closet, and layering will be taken to the next level! I was celebrating that new 'era' with a vintage jacket, that only cost an unbelievable 50 cents (!!!). Haha

So, enjoy the rest of your weekends, lovelies!
Love, Julie

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Jacket: Vintage, Faux-leather pants: New Yorker, Sweater and tiny rings: H&M, Bag: Zara, Brogues: Office, Scarf: Pieces, Bracelet: From a small shop in Portugal, Lipgloss: Yves Saint Laurent ( = one of my total favourites)

 Freshly made Baumkuchen - delicious!!

Hi Spring, I love you.

And finally a snapshot of my cozy home ;)


Boho (De)Light

The sun was shining brightly but actually it's been freeeezing cold the past days. I've had to learn it the hard way, how tricky it can be when the morning sun influences you in your way of getting dressed in the winter.
Sometimes, I feel the urge to dress a little bohemian. I love that look for its easiness and the post-woodstock feeling it presents or at least puts to my mind! :) Although I find it much, much easier to style 'boho' in the summertime, I simply didn't wanna do without it for temperatures sake. But in the end it's all about the details, right?
Love, Julie.

Coat, Shorts, Tights: H&M, Shirt:Intimissimi, Cardigan: Mango, Scarf: Pieces, Belt: Esprit,
Bandana: Vintage, Hairband (gold), Brogues, Bag: Primark, Rings: (black) H&M, (multicoloured) I am

Love is for everyone

When I found the tank top I was wearing the other day when these pictures were taken, I simply had to have it. I mean, normally I'm not a friend of message t's - at least, as long as their 'message' is something dopey like "He's not my boyfriend, he's my bodyguard" or "Nobody's perfect but me" and so on and so forth. But that one really is a statement, one that's really close to my heart. 
Say no to racism. Love is for everyone. -> Everything is not black and white!!
Love, Julie.

Tank top, Faux leather skirt, Shades: H&M, Knitted Jacket: Mango, Brogues: Office, Tights: Primark,
                                               Red Ring: Vintage, Grey Ring: Dorothy Perkins



I don't like clichés. Not at all. I think concerning my outfits and the way I live, this fact seemed quite obvious. Especially when it comes to the old gender debate, I try to be as unprejudiced as possible. Tolerance is so important and sadly, often missing in our society. All we can do is being broad-minded and kind to one another, cause at times, we're all outsiders for some reason. But let's not call it that way. Let's call it special! :)
So, enough of the 'wise' words - through my outfit I wanted to show just the philosophy, I have written above. There are no stereotypes. Not even in dressing-questions. I'm wearing boyish trousers and a baroque blouse, so what? No need in explaining anything.
Love, Julie.

Blouse: Zara, Trousers: H&M, Boots: Deichmann



On New Year's Eve I was inspired by a very unique, fashionable and special Lady. I guess, the pictures are self-explanatory. I'm very much in favour of the vulnerable character of that woman, which she hides whenever possible behind - either very little or a whole lot of - funky, flashy clothes.
I had tons of fun preparing for the evening. Here's the result. (+ the riddles' answer comes by the end)
Love, Julie.

 Faux-Leather Dress, Coat, Glasses: H&M, Bag, Tights: Primark, 
Boots: Deichmann, Hat: Nanu Nana, Bracelet: Nimo

Plateau Heels, Sunglasses: H&M, 
Book: Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson


Vintage Lover

Hello my dear friends, I'm back!!! :) Sorry for being absent for such a long time.. unfortunately, my internet didn't work in Carinthia where I had spent the winter holidays. But to give you an impression of my outfits and the lovely time with my family and friends, I have some posts in progress. (They're separate for clearness' sake!)
For a start, a couple of pics with my beloved vintage sweater and the question raised: a new short haircut or stick with long hair??
Love, Julie.

Sweater: Vintage, Shorts: H&M, Tights: Primark,
Necklace: Present from my friend C (selfmade)