What I like most about Saturdays is probably the fact that it's not yet Sunday. That may sound a little crazy, but as I've already mentioned some time ago, Sundays totally depress me - well, not always, but very often they tend to. Saturdays are the complete oposite: Shops are open, it's more likely to see happy faces around than during the week and last but not least there's that magical 'weekend-it's all good and chilled-feeling' in the air. (Although as a student, most days are like the others - especially when holidays are approaching and lectures are already over.) So here are some pictures from the Naschmarkt, where I usually go on Saturdays!
I like how you can see and feel that spring's near..
Regarding my outfit that means: My coats and Winter jackets can stay where they belong - in the closet, and layering will be taken to the next level! I was celebrating that new 'era' with a vintage jacket, that only cost an unbelievable 50 cents (!!!). Haha

So, enjoy the rest of your weekends, lovelies!
Love, Julie

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Jacket: Vintage, Faux-leather pants: New Yorker, Sweater and tiny rings: H&M, Bag: Zara, Brogues: Office, Scarf: Pieces, Bracelet: From a small shop in Portugal, Lipgloss: Yves Saint Laurent ( = one of my total favourites)

 Freshly made Baumkuchen - delicious!!

Hi Spring, I love you.

And finally a snapshot of my cozy home ;)


  1. love the outfit, the jacket's lovely :)


  2. you look wonderful! and i adore those leather pants. how perfect.


  3. I adore that jacket. It's so pretty and looks lovely with the scarf and pants. They're so cute. You look so gorgeous :)

  4. Great blog! I love your jeans.



  5. genauso fühlt sich der sonntag für mich auch an!!
    schöne fotos, toller blog :)

  6. thanks for the nice comment on my blog! cute outfit.

    xx m


  7. yay, another blogger from Vienna!
    the jacket is an amazing find!
    Kat x


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