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Hello my dear friends, I'm back!!! :) Sorry for being absent for such a long time.. unfortunately, my internet didn't work in Carinthia where I had spent the winter holidays. But to give you an impression of my outfits and the lovely time with my family and friends, I have some posts in progress. (They're separate for clearness' sake!)
For a start, a couple of pics with my beloved vintage sweater and the question raised: a new short haircut or stick with long hair??
Love, Julie.

Sweater: Vintage, Shorts: H&M, Tights: Primark,
Necklace: Present from my friend C (selfmade)

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  1. wonderfu photos <3
    love vintage and this outfits becomes you so perfectly !!!
    best wishes


Thanks for sharing your much appreciated thoughts with me! xo J.