Good hair day

Today has been a marvellous start for a new week! My good friend Clairy came over to give my hair a ‚little‘ makeover and we had a lot of fun while changing my appearance. This is the first new haircut and –colour I had planned for this year and there are many more to come in the summer. As I think Clarissa has done a great job, I can’t wait for my other ideas to be realized! But for now I’m trés happy with my hair á la Florence Welch :) (I absolutely adore her!!!). Have a great week, lovelies.

Love, Julie.

Faux-leather jacket, shirt: H&M, Jeans, Bag: Zara, Ring: Pimkie


Go green

I can tell you, I wouldn’t make a good weather forecaster. To be honest, I think I’d be fired on my first day at work, because do you remember my last posts? Especially the one with the vintage jacket? In this one I’ve been telling you that I can feel spring coming bla bla.. The truth is: We’re having brass monkey weather here in Austria! The constant sub-zero temperatures make dressing a challenge, but for I absolutely do not want to renounce springy items, I’m already prepared if he (spring) decides to come (back) some day.  

Love, Julie                                             

Brown Jacket: Zara, Rest: H&M

Minty denim on denim

Wow, again it’s been a long time of blogging-abstinence, which I totally dislike. Unfortunately, wifi internet does not work when your hometown is like in the middle of nowhere and since I spend most of my holidays at my family’s place instead of Vienna, where I’m currently living, it’s not that easy to keep y’all updated.
But lovelies – I’m back! :)

That outfit ensemble is a couple of days old. I really felt like doing my own ‚denim-on-denim look‘ for I had really liked the other bloggers – your -  ‚jeans-all-over‘ specials. I wanted to combine the different shades of blue with some spearmint extras. I hope you like my interpretation!

Love, Julie                                             

Jeans, Socks, Belt, Rings: H&M, Denim Shirt: Primark, Spearmint Shirt: New Yorker, Brogues: Office