Minty denim on denim

Wow, again it’s been a long time of blogging-abstinence, which I totally dislike. Unfortunately, wifi internet does not work when your hometown is like in the middle of nowhere and since I spend most of my holidays at my family’s place instead of Vienna, where I’m currently living, it’s not that easy to keep y’all updated.
But lovelies – I’m back! :)

That outfit ensemble is a couple of days old. I really felt like doing my own ‚denim-on-denim look‘ for I had really liked the other bloggers – your -  ‚jeans-all-over‘ specials. I wanted to combine the different shades of blue with some spearmint extras. I hope you like my interpretation!

Love, Julie                                             

Jeans, Socks, Belt, Rings: H&M, Denim Shirt: Primark, Spearmint Shirt: New Yorker, Brogues: Office


  1. I think you look absolutely fabulous, great outfit, this combination of colours really fits you well.xxx

  2. you can pull off the jeans on jeans look, and glad youre back :)


Thanks for sharing your much appreciated thoughts with me! xo J.