I need a little bit of happiness

Happiness - Jonathan Jeremiah

Last night I got dreadful news from my family that left me devastated. Hence I decided to dress black all over, for this colour expresses my feelings best. I'm not keen on talking about my feelings, though I love to listen to other peoples' problems and give them some helping advice - or just sit there and lend them my ear. But when it comes to my emotions, I won't talk; you can read them from eyes anyway.
Also writing helps. Songs, poems or - like I do now - blog entries. As Gotye sings in 'Somebody that I used to know',
 "You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness"
and I always thought, that this line describes my character quite to the point. (Which does not mean that I am a moody, depressed and negative person out-and-out, not at all, but there's a certain melancholy which has always been a part of me.) Be that as it may, the state of mind I'm in at the time is beyond sadness, it's a paralyzing pain. It hurts mentally and physically and scares me to my bones for several reasons. So yes, Jonathan Jeremiah hits the point by singing 'I need a little bit of happiness'. 

Love, Julie

Chinos: Primark, Body tight, Shirt, Ring: H&M, Bag: Zara, Ballerinas: Deichmann


  1. Tolles Outfit! Du hast einen tollen Sinn für Mode, der Spitzenbody unter dem Outfit ist einfach wunderbar <3

  2. love that style of yours <3 now following!


  3. That's a really cute idea, I like how you add the lace top underneath your crop top. Very chic!

  4. I love the lace underneat your shirt!


  5. Loving the lace!!


  6. This is so cool, love especially the turqouise nailpolish with the black clothes. Are you German? Your URL ends with a ".de" and that makes me wonder. Well, thanks for stopping by my blog! Btw you forgot to follow although you said you do but that doesn't matter, I just wanted to tell you! :-) xx

    1. that's very nice from you, thanks a lot. i'm actually Austrian, didn't notice the 'de', always thought i had a 'com' at the end!? haha anyway, i am following, dear. via bloglovin - i only follow other blogs this way, because it is a part of my daily routine to check the blogs i like on one page. hope everything's fine now ;)) x julie


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