Summer Sun

Let the sunshine, let the sunshine.. the sunshine in :) Oh I can't even tell you how glad I am catching the first warm shafts of sunlight, enjoying my new hairstyle and chillaxing in the bright, sunny, cosy area of my hometown. Those days are what you can call 'the calm before the storm', cause the summer term is near and soon studying will take a lot of my time again. Or so. ;) It's funny that I'm craving sunshine so badly because I've never really been the estival, 'beachy' kind of girl and have all the more been in love with Autumn and Winter. But that's just the way it is and this is perfectly fine with me for now - cause frankly, there isn't any season more fashionable than Spring, right? I love dressing in brighter colours and wearing less than in the last few months. Oh yeah, I'm so ready for the sunny side of life :)

 Love, Julie

Plain White Shirt, Bag: Zara, Wedges, Purse: Humanic, Rest: H&M


  1. you look beautiful!! love your new hairstyle, fits you perfect! xx


Thanks for sharing your much appreciated thoughts with me! xo J.