Pyjama Party

Today I decided to dig my old paisley kinda 'baggy' looking trousers out of my wardrobe to try if they'd stand the ongoing pyjama trend. Wearing such loose pants is quite ambivalent to me - on the one hand, I love how comfortable they are but on the other hand I feel too shapeless to be pleased with my appearance. How do you think about the whole pj-style debate? Tell me more, tell me more.. :)

Love, Julie


Pants, Shirt: H&M, Jacket: Zara, Wedges: Pimkie, Bag: Primark, Bracelet: Pieces, Necklace: Vintage


  1. i love this look! specially the wedges!
    im already following you, follow me back?
    :) x

  2. Pajama parties rock!!!! Those pants are the perrrrfect pants! The print is wicked and your hair loooks phenoms!!!!! Just gorgeous !
    Big kiss
    xox Beckerman Girls


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