Flowers and mini-studs

Hey friends! Are you having a lovely pre-summerly time? I do. I've had a few lovely days off in Graz and Carinthia, visiting friends and family. Call it the calm before the storm, cause' I'm well aware of what's up next: The most laborious weeks at university and some stressful days of work. So, let's all recharge our batteries and enjoy the last couple of happy-go-lucky days in quite a time. Cheers to a great afternoon and even better weekend and all the best for those among you (us) who are having exams to pass.

Love, Julie.

A little instagramin' on the roof terrace of Kastner&Oehler in Graz :)

Shirt, Jeans: Zara, Clutch: Bershka, Heels: Deichmann

I just had to take pictures of those beautiful flowers..

Have been published in 'Woman' magazine



Ok, I'm a little kinky I must admit. I can't tell why I forgot to announce my upcoming trip to Barcelona to you. Unfortunately I did and as soon as I realized that, I totally ran out of time and had to wait with a new post until I was back from Spain. This is right now - my lovely few days off are over and I'm happy being able to blog again! Once you started your blogging routine (more or less steadily) you really get connected to the whole thing, esp. to all the lovely followers supporting you and reacting on the regular bits and pieces of your (fashion) adventures. To cut a long story short: I've had a very good time in Barca but am also trés happy being home again. The city is great but as I'm hopelessly head over heels with London and the British attitude, my 2nd visit to Barcelona will probably have been the last this year for I'm badly craving LDN and Paris again or maybe try something completely new and go to the city that never sleeps or the city I have always been dreaming of ever since I can remember - L.A. But never say never and who knows what's up next? Below, you can see my favourite outfit of the last couple of days. It's been too chilly to wear all summerly clothes, so I had to stick to a layerd, rather casual outfit ensemble. The top/dress is one of my new fav. pieces in my wardrobe, recently bought at Topshop. Tell me if you like it! 

Love, Julie.

Blazer: Forever 21, Top/dress: Topshop, Jeggings and Chelsea Boots: H&M


Into the blue

Yesterday has been an awesome day! Shopping, chillaxing and going out with friends at night. The weather was perfectly hot again and even in the evening you could be outside without wearing a jacket or something. Also the MQ Summer Opening we attended turned out as a very fun event although that was more a matter of a good combination of the people I've been with. There were thousands of folks, everybody laughing and having a good time. Though there was one disadvantage: queuing for the toilet lasted more than half an hour.. but of course, you can find a simple solution for that as well. ;) Ok, so this is most def. not the point but when I was waiting among the other girls, I saw THE perfect gray/slightly lilac dyed hair a couple of heads before me. Really, I've never seen that on a real person - meaning non-celeb - and was so envious. Huh.
Have a great weekend my dear friends and enjoy your family time!

Love, Julie.

Peplum dress: Gina Tricot, Bag: Primark, Sling back heels: Deichmann, Ring: H&M, Earrings: Swarovski


City Aztecs

Good morning, my lovely (future) readers!! :)
I'm so glad to see that our Stereo|typically Me community is growing from day to day - you make me very happy! So cheers for that. I have a new outfit post for you that shows my look of yesterday's city tour, when I was out to do some Mother's Day shopping and went to Ikea. Just to buy candles and stuff, you know. Almost 80 euros and 3 hours later I left the shop. HAHA I mean, yes, I have a weakness or little - and by little I mean huge - obsession with interior design and home decoration. Please be so kind and tell me, if you're interested in posts of this sort as well. I'll show you a couple of pictures of my new acquirements anyway :)
Have a wonderful day!

Love, Julie.

Shirt: Vintage, Trousers: Primark, Shoes: Deichmann, Bracelets: Swarovski, gifts, selfmade

Inspiring, beautiful showrooms at Ikea

What I bought (including a cooling bag for picknicking, carpet, tiny shelf.. ;)

The result!



..or let me better say laziness!! I kept my outfit rather casual today for the weather was rather unsettled (as always at the time) and I just went to a clothing swap. It was called 'REdUSE' and has been the first one I've attended. But it was great fun and I came back home with a whole lot of new (vintage) clothes. If you haven't been part of such an event so far, do it!! Now I am relaxing with new episodes of  'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Private Practice' (gosh, how i love Kate Walsh!!) and wish you a wonderful, happy, sunny week!! Stay tuned, lovelies.

Love, Julie.

Trousers: Zara, Collar Blouse, Shirt: H&M, Chucks: Converse, Bracelets: Forever21