I wanna get lost, far away on a sunny day.

Well, I did not get lost within the last few days (what might have been an excuse for not blogging for such a long time - shame on me; I'm sorry) and I also have not been far away, although I really really crave for catching a plane and going anywhere the wind blows. Some call it wanderlust, I'd say that's pretty much of a lifelong philosophy, a constant aspiration. But never mind, the point is: I have been very busy enjoying the first few days of summer (at least as far as temperatures are concerned - 30°C!!) and have had some family members staying with me. I have chosen some pictures that describe those last couple of days best and hope you'll be entertained as much as I had been taking them! Further down you can see my outfit of today. (btw don't wonder about my thick clothing - it got chillier!!)

Love, Julie.

At the 'Prater', Vienna's popular amusement park.
Wearing: Sandals by Crocs, Bracelet: Thomas Sabo, Rest: H&M


Sneak peak at the 'Fashion against aids collection' (H&M)

1st of May celebrations with the most amazing fireworks I have ever seen
First sunbathing and swimming this year - hilarious and absolutely unbeatable!!


Bag: Zara, Bracelet: Thomas Sabo, Rest: H&M


  1. ok so many things i need to point out!
    - the first outfit, you look so fun, and those sandals are really something, very unique!
    - those H&m shorts are so cool, but already sold out im afraid
    - love the nails & those dog tooth print leggings!
    - the firework pics... i truly can say i never saw pics so beautiful! love them to bits!


    1. thank you so much, dear. this gives my day a perfect start!! :) x

  2. ich hätte es mit nem beigen oder schwarzem bh drunter besser gefunden, da der bh dem shirt(was echt hübsch ist und so romantisch aussieht) die aufmerksamkeit klaut. lg :)

  3. wow danke für dein kommentar :) ! ich folge dir - du mir auch ?:)

  4. i love the black and white pants of the last few pictures! must get them either!


  5. pretty pretty! thanks for your lovely comment, let's follow each other! x

  6. ok you are seriously adorable, i love love love your hair! last time i tried dying it like that it almost turned pink haha i'm still trying though!

  7. Wunderschöner Blog, du hast echt einen Klasse Modestil :)!
    Folge dir :P

  8. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar. Ja, ich sage mir auch immer, das Frauen sich doch eigentlich keine Gedanken machen sollten über Speckröllchen, aber man tuts doch. Ich versuche durchzuhalten, aber der Appetit siegt leider zu oft über mich.

    Ich finde deinen Blog übrigens super. Du hast einen tollen Stil und ich liebe deine Haare. Zugegeben bin ich etwas neidisch, dass du in Wien wohnst.

  9. wirklich schöne bilder <3

  10. Lovely photos! You have a great taste of fashion sense, and you look very pretty! ^^

  11. We like fireworks! Great post! You're so pretty!

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  12. dein outfit ist toll, ich mag deine haare ♥

    schau doch mal bei meinem NEW ONE GIVEAWAY vorbei ♥.

  13. Such a great look - I adore your sunglasses!



  14. Great style!
    Love this post a lot
    and now i'm going to have to go back through the rest!
    So full of inspiration it's amazing.
    Would love it if we could follow each other on GFC - what do you think?



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