The question

"The question is not to how to survive, but how to thrive with passion, compassion, humour & style."
                                                                             Maya Angelou

Dress, Bag: Zara, Blazer, Accessories: Forever21, Heels: Deichmann



Due to a rather stressful time concerning studying, working etc., my rainbow post comes very belated. (Sorry for that!) The pictures I picked for you are less fashionable and blog-like but all the more supposed to give you a sneak peak on how a pride parade is passing off, if you've never been to one so far. However, I highly recommend you to attend such 'procession' if you are in favour of human rights, the pursuit of equality and a good party ;) I am truly thankful to live in a country, where I am given the opportunity to demonstrate for the principles I am vouching for and most important to even be protected doing so, by police and the law. I am well aware of how privileged I am - always keeping in mind that in a lot of other countries the situation is exactly the other way round. You don't have to travel far from Austria to witness parades full of hatred, fear and police power towards peaceful demonstrants and discriminated people who are even being arrested for showing the world their perception of love. Peacefully. Peacefully. Peacefully, peacefully... Ain't that ridiculous and completely crazy? So, I am even more proud to annually be a part of this wonderful event and celebrate the uniqeness of each and every human being alive, support gay marriage and basic liberties, among a totally crazy, lovely party croud of like-minded people. I hope we are at one here and would really like to read your opinions (and experiences?) on that matter. Much fun with my nutty photos :)

Love, Julie.

Tank top: H&M, Boots: Stiefelkönig, Jewellry: Common People, Vintage, Forever21, Hairband: Primark





Vienna Fashion Night

Too bad the 2nd Vienna Fashion Night is already over. I've had a good (shopping) time yesterday evening, though not without some misadventures, but that's another story. My favourite location has been Forever21 since they had a great DJ playing fantastic music, loads of super cool clothes and a surprise for the first hundred shopaholics who spend more than 50€. I was lucky enough to get the very last present which was a totally delicate Donna Karan perfume: DKNY be delicious - fresh blossom. I am so happy with the new additions to my wardrobe and am also excited to show them to you next week! But for now I am most looking forward to a fantastic party weekend - it's time to celebrate!! #Vienna Pride parade. Yay!
So, I'm gonna play a little dressing up tomorrow and try to be the most fashionable rainbow ever. HAHA
Wish you all a relaxing weekend; may it be as colourful as mine.

Love, Julie.

Dress: Cheap Monday, Shoes: Forever21, Clutch: Bershka, Bracelets: Common People (black), H&M,
Ring: Vintage


Florence meets Jacko

When I got dressed today and critically exermined myself in front of the mirror, I couldn't help but immediately think of that certain title for this post because of the style influences of Florence Welch and Michael Jackson that came to my mind in that moment. I don't know if you're with me here, but the shoulder pads, the shoes, the (faux) leather pants.. it all reminded me of the king of pop. I hadn't planned it that way, but I guess there are worse comparisons :) Oh, and before I forget: Memo to myself - don't you always get insecure under peoples' gazes!! Still have to work on that.. I wish ya'll a wonderful weekend and much fun to those who are watching football (EM) tonight!

Love, Julie.

Vest: Vintage, Pants: Pimkie, Shirt: Intimissimi, Brogues: Primark, Belt: Forever21, Ring: AnnChristine


Who's that girl?

Good girls are pretty like all the time
I'm just pretty some of the time
Good girls are happy and satisfied
I won't stop asking until I die

I just can't deal with the rules

I can't take the pressure
It's got me saying ooh, yeah...

Who's that girl that you dream of?

Who's that girl that you think you love?
Who's that girl, well I'm nothing like her
I know there's no such girl
I swear I can't take the pressure
Who's that girl?

Good girls don't say no or ask you why

I won't let you love me until you really try
Good girls are sexy like everyday
I'm only sexy when I say it's okay

Who's that girl - Robyn                             

Hey there sweethearts, today no 'wise' words by me but some lyrics of Swedish pop-singer Robyn. I recently came across a couple of songs by her and immediately fell in love with em'. Plus I think the song above is so inspiring and especially important for all the girls outthere; it's really dear to me that we all will never ever stop asking and be ourselves.. but you know that already, right? ;)

Here's the link to 'Who's that girl' and another high quality Robyn song - an unplugged version of 'With every heartbeat':



Speaking of good music - have you already had a look at my sidebar? Make sure to check out my fav. Florence songs and the K's Choice Youtube playlist some time.

But now to my outfit of the day! Hope you'll like it!!

Love, Julie.

Dress, Belt: Vintage, Bag: Bershka, Tights, Brogues: Primark, Eiffel Tower Necklace: Camden Market,
Sunnies, Ring: H&M

Have Been featured in German Jolie Magazine this month - yay!


On the hunt

Hey all, how's your weekend been?? Mine was very chillaxing and fashionable. On Saturday I attended the 'Backyard Sale' in the Pratersauna - flea market, dj's, drinks and a pool (best possible combination ;) - and yesterday, Sunday, I have been invited to a private clothing swap party. There were only a couple of girls, but truly TONS of clothes. A bit weird, if you think about that (esp. when seeing the amount of garments lying on the sofa, floor, everywhere!), but at least it's a good way to empty your closets and do some additional charity. The rest of the uncountable masses of shirts, dresses, jeans... (and this was a lot) were given to local charity shops. I advice y'all to host such an event in your homes for it's pretty much fun, too. My outfit had to stand both, the 'tropical' heat and sudden rain, so I just added my beloved Hunters to the summerly outfit - et voilá!

Love, Julie.

Top: Forever21, Skirt: H&M, Bag: Vero Moda, Wellies: Hunter, Socks: Primark,
Bracelet: Present