Vienna Fashion Night

Too bad the 2nd Vienna Fashion Night is already over. I've had a good (shopping) time yesterday evening, though not without some misadventures, but that's another story. My favourite location has been Forever21 since they had a great DJ playing fantastic music, loads of super cool clothes and a surprise for the first hundred shopaholics who spend more than 50€. I was lucky enough to get the very last present which was a totally delicate Donna Karan perfume: DKNY be delicious - fresh blossom. I am so happy with the new additions to my wardrobe and am also excited to show them to you next week! But for now I am most looking forward to a fantastic party weekend - it's time to celebrate!! #Vienna Pride parade. Yay!
So, I'm gonna play a little dressing up tomorrow and try to be the most fashionable rainbow ever. HAHA
Wish you all a relaxing weekend; may it be as colourful as mine.

Love, Julie.

Dress: Cheap Monday, Shoes: Forever21, Clutch: Bershka, Bracelets: Common People (black), H&M,
Ring: Vintage


  1. Viel Spaß auf der Regenbogenparade.. bin schon seeehr gespannt auf dein Outfit :)
    Super Fotos- vorallem die mit den Sonnenstrahlen find ich toll ;)

  2. Doch hab jetzt bloglovin!
    guck einfach auf meinen blog rechts.
    grüße <3

  3. That dress is so amazing, you look great!



  4. Love the dress very cute..
    xoxo asiahlynn


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