Due to some health problems, days of work and a little fashion crisis of which I had to recover (meaning all of the mentioned!!) the blogging-'thing' hadn't had such a priority in my life. Still, I was thinking about it every day and felt really bad for not writing a line. This surely is changing now - like immediately - because I wanna share my new outfit ideas and thoughts with all of you again. Thank you so much for keeping loyal and supporting me - that does mean the world to your crappy blogger :)) 

Outfit-wise, I have been fancying foulards for quite a time and was oh so happy when I found that vest at a flea market at Pratersauna the other day. It adds some coolness to the usually kinda snobbish pattern. (What doesn't mean I don't like foulards in other ways, too.) I am well aware of the 'casualness' of that look, but hey - it's simply more adequate for running errands to dress, you know, like that instead of representing the glamorous lady or badass rock chick you really are. That's more London-ish, Parisian (cheers to the wonderful Audrey Rogers, who shows all her perfect craziness on a daily basis) or American. Other metropolises are further ahead concerning that matter. Austria's a bit slower. Meaning in every possible way. (But this is another story :))

Love, Julie.

Vest: Vintage, Jeans, Hat, Bra: H&M, Top, Cross Ring, Bracelets: Forever21, Clutch: Primark,
Sandals: Deichmann, Red Ring: AnnChristine


  1. Hello again:)

    Great Outfit!!! *__*

    xx Danie

  2. Das ist ein echt tolles Outfit! Gefällt mir total gut :)

  3. Beautiful, I love it, especially the hat, the cross ring, the bracelet, good job :)

  4. Oh danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! :) Ich mag die Sandalen, hast du die neu? ;*

  5. ich liebe diese art von Print!! habe ein Hemd die ein ähnlich print hat. tol sieht es aus!

  6. Oh wie cool, noch jemand aus Kärnten :)
    Schönes Outfit, dein Blog gefällt mir ebenfalls gut :)

  7. sehr süßes Outfit,meine Liebe! Mir gefällt diene Weste total :)
    Wünsche dir noch ein schönen Tag!<3

  8. sehr hübsch! Die Weste ist echt cool.

  9. du hast echt einen außergewöhnlichen Stil - im positiven Sinne wohl angemerkt!
    sehr schickes Outfit.

  10. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Love the jeans and the clutch on these pictures!
    Maybe we should follow each other on google f.c. and bloglovin'?


  11. Nice outfit!
    Would you like follow each other?

  12. I love your style! The waistcoat is amazing, where ever did you find it?
    I'm now following as you give really good lookbook posts.
    Louise x


  13. Outfit-wise, I have been fancying foulards for quite a time and was oh so happy when I found that vest at a flea market at Pratersauna the other day. locket necklace canada , locket necklace australia ,


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