Late Summer Memories

Although I have just seen the weather forecast which said it could get summerly warm again, I am now showing you the last pictures of my summer adventures in 2012 because I am clearly feeling and seeing the change of seasons. For those among you who don't like Autumn, I am sorry to say: He's on his way! ;) Hope you enjoy the last few LDN pics and (too) many others from the warm days lying behind us.

Love, Julie.

Dress, Socks: H&M, Scarf: Takko, Chucks: Converse, Necklace: Forever 21, Rings: H&M/Vintage

BEST Chai and Cupcakes in the world!!! Sweet things Bakery in Primrose Hill

One of my favourite places 

Umag, Croatia
Playing with the sun

Chillaxing ;)
Summer in Vienna



Spice up your life!

On with the show! I won't write much more about LDN and how I use to spend my days lately, cause a) the pictures are quite self-explanatory, I think and b) there's not much going on at the time. Maybe you should know just one thing before you start to browse through my pictures: I only currently rediscovered my love for the Spice Girls amulet I'm wearing in the photos below.. That strange?? Well, I don't mind because - hey, I'm a 90's kid and proud of it! ;) And that certain piece of jewellery reminds me so well of my early childhood days, when I used to sing at each family party (always 'My heart will go on' by Celine Dion or 'Wannabe' by the SG) with a candle instead of a real microphone, wearing a pretty dress and that very necklace. Have you ever been fancying the Spice Girls? And what do you love about the 90's?

Love, Julie.

Denim Vest, Tights: Primark, Denim Shorts: H&M, Belt: Vintage, Amulet: Childhood Memory,
Loafers: Miss Selfridge




Serena Williams


London Lover

After weeks abroad - or, at least away from my Viennese home - I'm back in town with an estimated million pictures, and just in time to witness the first golden Autumn days within the last few warm summer sunbeams. I'm not very nostalgic about the sweaty hot summer days but excited for the change of seasons, which is not only because of my upcoming birthday but also for I simply love how the leaves turn red or orange and everything seems just so quiet and peaceful to me. Plus cold evenings can feel so cozy when you're inside, enjoying a nice cup of chai and freshly made cupcakes. :)

But before I completely get lost in my autumnal adoration, I wanna share some pictures of my latest summer adventures with you! Starting with a couple of photos of my 'London Diary', I hope you enjoy my snapshots! This post will be the first of a threepart UK 'series'. Let me know if you're interested in what you're seeing - I don't wanna bore you lovely readers!! ;)

Love, Julie.

Faux Leather Jacket: H&M, High/low Shirt: Topshop, Lace Shorts: Zara,
Studded Loafers: Miss Selfridge, Tights: Primark