Blogger Advent calendar

Sweethearts, I am joining this year's Austrian blogger Advent calendar, where 24 blogs are 'hidden' behind the numbers 1 - 24 (of course) and have some great giveaways prepared for YOU. On the 16th, it's my turn and I hope you'll visit the blog that day. And all the other days, too.

Just click on the little present and and a new blog + giveaway will open for you. Make sure to check out the calendar regularly, cause' you only have the chance to win the prize of a particular blog on that very day (between 0:00h - 23:59h).

Good luck and much fun! Love, Julie.

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Christmassy bits and pieces

Ho ho ho, my dearest readers! Are you already looking forward to Christmas? I have been a sucker for that special time of the year ever since I was a little girl, and somehow that attitude doesn't seem to change anytime soon. Maybe this is closely linked to the 'peter pan-effect'!? :) Though I just read that the temperatures are about to hit a new low in this season, the last couple of days have been very warm (~ 13°C), which is why I artificially had to put myself in a festive mood. Decorating my flat all shiny and glittery definitely helped, as well as listening to the first christmas songs did. I am kinda satisfied with the result now and have immediately taken some pictures for you. Tell me about your approach to this year's finale! How does your decor look like? Are you in awe with that kitschy time, too?

I am also so looking forward to going to Berlin tomorrow, where I am finally seeing Florence and the Machine live! YAY! I'll try to keep you updated over the weekend, but for I am only in Germany until Monday, I cannot promise to blog a lot. Also tonight's gonna be pretty exciting - I am attending an exclusive Peek & Cloppenburg event with my friend Katii, who kindly invited me to join her. A report will follow soon!

Love, Julie. 


Oh my goldness!

Today I have something new for you - no outfit post but a product review! Yesterday I bought the new Catrice 'ultimate nail lacquer' 910 called 'Oh My Goldness!' and because I really like the result, I decided to show it to you. This is what the Catrice homepage says about the polish: "Simply unbeatable: colors with ultimate color intensity, ultimate shine, ultimate effects and ultimate coverage. The flat, professional brush ensures perfect color application with just one stroke of the brush. Completely free of formaldehyde, of course." And I must admit, that I totally agree. It's super easy to apply and has a beautiful finish! For a perfect result either apply it twice or use a base coat first - that's what I did! The only point that could be criticised is the time it takes until the lacquer is completely dry. So be sure to take enough time.. that's something I'll probably never learn ;) 'Oh My Goldness' is available at shops like Müller or DM and has the unbeatable price of 2,45€! Be sure to get yours asap - a festive mood is included in the price! 

Love, Julie.

Essie - 713 Petal Pink


Catrice - 910 Oh My Goldness!



Trash it!

When I woke up today, I really felt like I had to wear something slightly extraordinary - meaning different from the usual autumnal/winterly clothes - and spontaneously that awkward pink fake-fur piece caught my eye. I had bought it last year in the x-mas sale and couldn't decide whether I loved it or hated it from the very first minute. As it is so trashy, I simply had to pair it with my faux leather jacket, just to kinda give it the complete overkill. Haha. And now that I have worn it once - if only for a couple of minutes, though - I think it's stored well on my clothes rail waiting for the next theme party. 
How about you guys? Do you have any piece in your wardrobe you neither like nor want to give away?

Love, Julie.

Denim overall: Zara, Earrings: Vintage, Rest: H&M



'I have a blue house with a blue window, blue is the colour of all that I wear...' What a 90's song! Although I do not have a blue house and no blue window, pretty much of the stuff I'm wearing at the moment is blue. I automatically picked up some pieces in that really electric colour without even realizing, that this does get boring at some point. But the upside is, you somehow seem to brighten up the foggy weather situation being covered in bright clothes that differ from the usual 'winter colours'. So here's one of the blue(s) outfits - hope you like it!! 

Love, Julie.

Blouse: Vintage, Blazer, Tights, Ring: H&M, Lace Shorts: Zara, Loafers: Deichmann



Hey dolls! (omg, I'm watching way too much Kardashians :)

As I told you in the last posting, I'm gonna show you some of my outstanding birthday pressies. I feel so blessed and fortunate for the people in my life and have been soo thankful for the lucky situation I was born in ever since I was a child. Although my family is not rich at all, I cannot remember one single thing I ever missed. Like ever. Same thing this time.. I mean I got a Macbook for my 20ieth!! That's insane! And because I was so overwhelmed by my emotions when I unwrapped the paper, I really had to fight tears in my eyes. I was so touched by the generosity of my family and the effort some people put in working for that really expensive item, just to see me happy. Second reason for me being totally emotional was that I felt so ashamed at the same time - because of the very reason I just mentioned and for I know about all the poverty and miserableness going on outside my door. I always try to give something back to those less fortunate but I never feel like it's enough. Sometimes, the world's just a little too tough for me and I feel like I literally can't bear all the unfairness. Gosh, I am completely off topic right now, sorry for that. ;) So, last but not least - a huge THANK YOU to all the lovely people who made my birthday so special to me and spoiled me like hell!!!!!! :)

Love, Julie.