Christmassy bits and pieces

Ho ho ho, my dearest readers! Are you already looking forward to Christmas? I have been a sucker for that special time of the year ever since I was a little girl, and somehow that attitude doesn't seem to change anytime soon. Maybe this is closely linked to the 'peter pan-effect'!? :) Though I just read that the temperatures are about to hit a new low in this season, the last couple of days have been very warm (~ 13°C), which is why I artificially had to put myself in a festive mood. Decorating my flat all shiny and glittery definitely helped, as well as listening to the first christmas songs did. I am kinda satisfied with the result now and have immediately taken some pictures for you. Tell me about your approach to this year's finale! How does your decor look like? Are you in awe with that kitschy time, too?

I am also so looking forward to going to Berlin tomorrow, where I am finally seeing Florence and the Machine live! YAY! I'll try to keep you updated over the weekend, but for I am only in Germany until Monday, I cannot promise to blog a lot. Also tonight's gonna be pretty exciting - I am attending an exclusive Peek & Cloppenburg event with my friend Katii, who kindly invited me to join her. A report will follow soon!

Love, Julie. 


  1. Your home looks absolutely wonderful!! What an inspiration to start decorating! Thanks for stopping by our blog! xx

    Jen from La Saloperie

  2. Newest follower :)

  3. such a lovely apartment! i like the decorations too.
    thank you for your sweet comment! would you like to follow each other? i will start ;)

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  4. die idee mit den weihnachtskugeln am luster ist toll!


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