Hey dolls! (omg, I'm watching way too much Kardashians :)

As I told you in the last posting, I'm gonna show you some of my outstanding birthday pressies. I feel so blessed and fortunate for the people in my life and have been soo thankful for the lucky situation I was born in ever since I was a child. Although my family is not rich at all, I cannot remember one single thing I ever missed. Like ever. Same thing this time.. I mean I got a Macbook for my 20ieth!! That's insane! And because I was so overwhelmed by my emotions when I unwrapped the paper, I really had to fight tears in my eyes. I was so touched by the generosity of my family and the effort some people put in working for that really expensive item, just to see me happy. Second reason for me being totally emotional was that I felt so ashamed at the same time - because of the very reason I just mentioned and for I know about all the poverty and miserableness going on outside my door. I always try to give something back to those less fortunate but I never feel like it's enough. Sometimes, the world's just a little too tough for me and I feel like I literally can't bear all the unfairness. Gosh, I am completely off topic right now, sorry for that. ;) So, last but not least - a huge THANK YOU to all the lovely people who made my birthday so special to me and spoiled me like hell!!!!!! :)

Love, Julie.


  1. schöne geschenke hast du bekommen! und süß, dass du so dankbar bist! :) lg

  2. OMG - wonderful pics. Great presents, great family and friends. <3

  3. hihi danke :D ich bin neidisch auf deine tasche! ich liebe liebeskind ):

    1. ich war auch ganz geflasht von der tasche :)

  4. Ich liebe die Tattoos, die du auf den Fingern hast! Echt toll!

    xxx, A.

  5. beautiful pictures and you got beautiful things too :)


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