Chocolate Christmas Cookies

What you need:

250g Butter
150g Sugar
150g Honey
1 Egg
Vanilla extract
280g Flour
2 table spoons Cocoa powder
200g grated dark chocolate
150g white chocolate

1.) Stir butter, sugar, honey, vanilla and egg until creamy.
2.) Add flour, cocoa powder and the dark chocolate.
3.) Preheat the oven at 180°C and put small pieces of dough on the baking sheet.
4.) Bake for 12 minutes.
5.) Melt the white chocolate and let it cool down a little, wait until the cookies are no longer warm and drop them into the chocolate.

That's one very easy and quick recipe that literally every chocolate lover will fall for!! Enjoy!

Here are some more pics for you - quite exclusive 'behind the scenes' material ;) So, here's the making of from our baking session at my friends' place in Graz.


The Welch Effect

Still so inspired by Florence, I tried a new hairstyle on the weekend in Graz. My new vintage blouse seemed just so incomplete with always the same boring  hairdo - which isn't even 'done' in any way, to be honest. So this is how it turned out - do you like it? The rest of the ensemble is kept rather casual; all cozy for a short stroll through the city.

Love, Julie.

Blouse, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring: Vintage, Jeans: Pimkie,
Booties: Max Shoes, Bag: Liebeskind


Who's the winner?

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Hello sweethearts, we have a winner over here! Random.org helped me find the lucky one who is - drum roooooll - Zitronenminze!! Congrats, girl. I'm gonna send you an email now and the price as soon as I have your address! And to the others: Don't be sad - your support will be rewarded with another giveaway when we reach the big 200! So keep on spreading the word, don't forget the Facebook page for even more pictures and additional information and just stay as lovely as you are!
For the next days I have planned three christmas cookies posts - recipes, so you can finish baking right before the holy night! Plus I'll upload an outfit post later that night! Hope you still enjoy the blog - I'm anxious to hear what you'd like to see here one day.
Love, Julie.



Ho ho ho lovelies, today's the 16th which means it's GIVEAWAY TIME! Until tomorrow evening you have the chance to win an organic haircare set by Less is more worth 53€!! 
Some facts about the company's philosophy:
(highly recommend the homepage for further information!) 
we use
virgin bioactive plant oils and butters, phyto extracts, purest essential oils, sumptuous flower waters, highland honey and bees wax, fair trade Mascobado cane sugar, spirit of wine, lecithin, glycerine. 100% certified organic

 free from
synthetic preservatives, fragrances, dyes and polymers; silicones and paraffins, petrochemicals, PEG and PPG, parabens, sulfates, glycols, ethanolamines, phtalates etc

Less is More is against animal testing.

Aditionally, there's something for your sweet tooth, too - mint and apple caramels by Victoria's Grandma! The only thing you have to do to enter the giveaway is be or become a follower via GFC and/or Facebook! Make sure to be quick - the giveaway ends tomorrow night! Good luck! :)

Love, Julie.


Weekend buys

Although I haven't been feeling well for a couple of days now, I simply had to attend the Blogger Beauty Flea market at the MQ last Saturday. For it was unbelievably crowded, I've been glad to leave the make up chaos after a little while but of course not alone.. I got myself some pre-christmassy presents I obviously do not necessarily need - but hey, they were so cheap, so how could I resist? :)
The second weekend shopping occassion was the Popazar - a small market with vintage stands and local designers' pop ups - where I quickly grabbed a vintage blouse that totally reminded me of Flo and a tiny 1 € ring. I love a good bargain from time to time. The atmosphere wasn't that nice, though - way too nosy girls selling not the prettiest items of their wardrobes at (partly) too high prices - so I left shortly after arriving. 
Nevertheless, I am happy with my weekend buys and all busy online (christmas) shopping, as I still linger on the couch in my pj's waiting to get all of my health back asap. 
Have a great week, my dear followers and enjoy the last thirteen days until christmas. Time's running!

Love, Julie.

Striped pants, cardigan: Primark, Jacket, Sunnies: H&M,
Bag: Liebeskind Berlin, Boots: Max Shoes

1) Diorshow Maximizer - Lash plumping serum
2) Essence pureskin anti-spot gel
3) Yves Saint Laurent - Golden Gloss nr. 17
4) Dior - Couleur Eye Gloss 1 (gold)
5) Essence colour & go - 62 Reach Peach
6) Catrice - transparent fixing powder
7) Flormar nail enamel
8) Essie - 686 Cute as a button
9) Essie - Styleonomics

All for under 30 €!!



As you may know, I've spent the last weekend in Berlin to see Florence & the Machine live on stage, which was an incredibly amazing experience. That girl is one of a kind, her voice is a stunner and the whole show was just greeeeat. Unfortunately, the security guys took my camera away at the entrace.. sad moment, cause' I've been so close to the stage and could have taken brilliant pictures. But nonetheless, the concert was a blast - as well as the city. Two days are way too short to get to know a city but I have been falling in love with it immediately. My points of interest were the Mauerparkflohmarkt, a huge flea market located alongside the former wall, and the Shit Shop of famous blogger/it girl Bonnie Strange. Of course, I did real sightseeing as well. ;) So, if you haven't already been to Berlin, book a flight. But my tipp: go there when the temperatures reach a higher level than zero degrees. And last but not least, go and check out Florence live. You won't regret it!

Love, Julie.

Wearing my new vintage jacket from the Shit Shop. Not the cheapest, but I didn't find it - it found me!! :)
Hotel Leonardo (Charlottenburg) - super nice and comfy!
Breakfast at the KaDeWe - White hot chocolate, Mousse au chocolat and salmon

Flea market
At the Jewish Museum