As you may know, I've spent the last weekend in Berlin to see Florence & the Machine live on stage, which was an incredibly amazing experience. That girl is one of a kind, her voice is a stunner and the whole show was just greeeeat. Unfortunately, the security guys took my camera away at the entrace.. sad moment, cause' I've been so close to the stage and could have taken brilliant pictures. But nonetheless, the concert was a blast - as well as the city. Two days are way too short to get to know a city but I have been falling in love with it immediately. My points of interest were the Mauerparkflohmarkt, a huge flea market located alongside the former wall, and the Shit Shop of famous blogger/it girl Bonnie Strange. Of course, I did real sightseeing as well. ;) So, if you haven't already been to Berlin, book a flight. But my tipp: go there when the temperatures reach a higher level than zero degrees. And last but not least, go and check out Florence live. You won't regret it!

Love, Julie.

Wearing my new vintage jacket from the Shit Shop. Not the cheapest, but I didn't find it - it found me!! :)
Hotel Leonardo (Charlottenburg) - super nice and comfy!
Breakfast at the KaDeWe - White hot chocolate, Mousse au chocolat and salmon

Flea market
At the Jewish Museum


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  2. Bila sam u Berlinu u 3. mjesecu ove godine. Imali smo sreće s lijepim sunčanim danima. I obožavam taj grad, želim ići opet!!! Išla bih baš ovako pred Božić, kad je sve lijepo okićeno.. Nije ni čudo da te jakna našla kad je tako kul :D

  3. Awesome post, my dear! So lovely photos!



  4. Great post and awesome pictures!!!

    Happy Monday, my dear!



  5. Oh mein Gott ... Florence <3
    Wahnsinn . Wie doll och dich beneide!!
    Und vielen vielen lieben dank für deinen Lieben Kommentar :D
    Liebe grüße.

  6. I want to go to Berlin so badly! Looks like you had an awesome time :)


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  8. I have never tried hot white chocolate. However, it sounds delicious. I guess I will give it a go next time I come across it.


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