The Welch Effect

Still so inspired by Florence, I tried a new hairstyle on the weekend in Graz. My new vintage blouse seemed just so incomplete with always the same boring  hairdo - which isn't even 'done' in any way, to be honest. So this is how it turned out - do you like it? The rest of the ensemble is kept rather casual; all cozy for a short stroll through the city.

Love, Julie.

Blouse, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring: Vintage, Jeans: Pimkie,
Booties: Max Shoes, Bag: Liebeskind


  1. You even look a lot like Florence!! I love the blouse, it sort of gives that snakeskin effect, it's a very interesting pattern. And the jewellery is beautiful.

  2. Die Hose ist voll cool und steht dir richtig gut!:)
    Liebst Leo


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