Weekend buys

Although I haven't been feeling well for a couple of days now, I simply had to attend the Blogger Beauty Flea market at the MQ last Saturday. For it was unbelievably crowded, I've been glad to leave the make up chaos after a little while but of course not alone.. I got myself some pre-christmassy presents I obviously do not necessarily need - but hey, they were so cheap, so how could I resist? :)
The second weekend shopping occassion was the Popazar - a small market with vintage stands and local designers' pop ups - where I quickly grabbed a vintage blouse that totally reminded me of Flo and a tiny 1 € ring. I love a good bargain from time to time. The atmosphere wasn't that nice, though - way too nosy girls selling not the prettiest items of their wardrobes at (partly) too high prices - so I left shortly after arriving. 
Nevertheless, I am happy with my weekend buys and all busy online (christmas) shopping, as I still linger on the couch in my pj's waiting to get all of my health back asap. 
Have a great week, my dear followers and enjoy the last thirteen days until christmas. Time's running!

Love, Julie.

Striped pants, cardigan: Primark, Jacket, Sunnies: H&M,
Bag: Liebeskind Berlin, Boots: Max Shoes

1) Diorshow Maximizer - Lash plumping serum
2) Essence pureskin anti-spot gel
3) Yves Saint Laurent - Golden Gloss nr. 17
4) Dior - Couleur Eye Gloss 1 (gold)
5) Essence colour & go - 62 Reach Peach
6) Catrice - transparent fixing powder
7) Flormar nail enamel
8) Essie - 686 Cute as a button
9) Essie - Styleonomics

All for under 30 €!!


  1. ich mag deine hose total :)
    schöne fotos <3

  2. Kitschbitch <3
    Und die ganzen Sachen am letzten Foto hast du alle am Flohmarkt gekauft? :O

  3. ooh die hose :D
    danke für deinen kommentar ich werde dir gleich mal folgen :)
    liebe grüße


  4. Wie cool sieht denn das Outfit bitte aus?!
    Mega... mag ich super arg und steht dir ganz hervorragend!
    Und wie toll die Shirts aufm Flohmarkt sind. Da hätt ich mich wohl tot kaufen müssen :D

  5. LOVE your pants SO MUCH! I am sorry for replying so late. I have been very busy these past weeks :(
    Hope you come back soon!

  6. I really want those pants!

    I'm at;


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