The last couple of days have been great!! I mean, I haven't left the house for ages now (which changes tomorrow, yay!) but the funny thing is - I didn't have to. Almost every day the post(wo)man came over with pressies from (online) companies, who were friendly enough to send me their products. I also received my Urban Outfitters SALE order, yay! So, lots of new stuff in here :) For I'm super happy with my newbies, I'm gonna show you what I got. Don't forget about Valentine's Day.. Maybe you wanna surprise your beloved ones with one of those totally delicate products - or make a wish list yourself!? But have we really already got that far? I mean, I see many other bloggers set up such lists, but I'm not sure if that's a little over the top. The 14th is still a couple of postings away, so maybe you're gonna tell me your opinion on that issue! For now some random shots plus short product information. 

Love, Julie.

Those beautiful flowers were saved from the bin! It's unbelievable what people throw away these days. Crazy. Need to get a bigger vase, though ;)

My new etagere from Urban Outfitters + latest 'Glamour' issue.

Ice cream Jelly Bellies from The World of Sweets - Yummy!!
The full Urban Outfitters order: 'Whatever' party banner (you have to prepare it yourself, the letters come loose - didn't know that before), 'Queen of fucking everything' party banner - love that!, etagere/jewelry stand and a hilarious tea mug, saying 'Tea, Bitch'. Haha
That ring is also Urban O.! Am so in love with teeny tiny gold rings at the moment.
These polishes are not new - i've reviewed the Isadora one in the last beauty post - but I wanted to show them to you, in case you wonder which brand I used in the picture above. Btw, that pic is from my morning manicure today. In bed. Way to start your day :)
Another Isadora package filled with the new multi vitamin glosses. They smell heavenly and produce the perfect wet look! The only negative point for me is that they are a little sticky, but I guess that's normal, right?
Oh, how bad you cannot smell that vanilla scent through your screens! That's definitely one of the lovliest lip balms I've tried so far! It comes from the German brand Cosy Lips and you can choose between several designs. You can also order them in beautiful gift packaging. You gotta check that homepage out!!
Whoop, whoop - a totally cruel free, all natural cosmetic online shop!! Ecco Verde allowed me to try their online store out and shop for 20€. That's what went to my virtual shopping cart and I am highly satisfied with these products. The Weleda shower gel is so smooth and creamy and a must have for all lavender-lovers. The Burt's Bees was new to me but I also liked that a lot. It's a very rich body lotion with cocoa butter and bees wax and the moisturizing effect really lasts about 24 hours. Seriously. 
The last online shop I wanna advise you today is World of Sweets. Look at those YUMMIES!!! I got all that candy plus the buggles for only 10 € - thanks to the nice staff! They have all the exotic American sweets we don't have in Austria! So great. Oh my, why do I have such a terrible sweet tooth?? 

Something important I wanna add last but not least: I always write my honest opinion on sponsored items. Of course, I love getting goody packages but I don't lie about products if I disapprove of them or the company for whatever reason! 


Quick'n'easy Salad

As everyone's busy during the exam time, hardly anybody wants to spend much time in the kitchen. Most students tend to eat loads of fast aka junk food or go to restaurants, which is kinda expensive as you may notice at the end of the month. Here's one very quick and easy recipe for you that's very yummy, quite healthy (well, at least more than McD., BK, Happy Noodles and co.) and cheap. 

What you need: (for 2 portions)

100g (1 package) arugula
1 package of haloumi cheese
1 table spoon balsamic vinegar
2 table spoons olive oil
juice of half a lemon
crema di balsamico

garlic bread (or whatever you like alongside your salad)

Put one tbsp of olive oil in a nonstick pan on the stove by medium high heat, cut the cheese in 1inch pieces and grill them for 4 min each side until brown and crispy. Place the arugula on 2 plates and put the grilled cheese on top. Drizzle the lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and the crema di balsamico over the salad. If you like you can season it with salt and pepper, but for the haloumi cheese is very salty itself, i would advise you to rather taste it first. Have a good meal! :)


"Bella Vita"

A couple of days ago, I received a super lovely Isadora make up package, which is why I can show you their brand-new 2013 spring collection now. It's all been tried and tested and I'm totally anxious to hear if you like it! The colours are mainly pastel ice cream-y - perfect for pre-summer days :)

Love, Julie.

 1) Jelly Kiss Lipsticks: Nourishing, moisturizing and softening lipstick with a glossy effect. 
I really like the texture of these lipsticks - very creamy and really moisturizing. The colours are very   restrained and not quite eye-catching but add a secret hint of glamour. Additional Information: Winner of the Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards 2012. 13,90€

2) Perfect Lipliner (29 Candy Pink): IsaDora Perfect Lipliner is perfect for using as lip contour, as a primer for the lipstick or as a matte lipstick. Nothing to add here - haven't had a matching lipstick colour at home to try with, but will definitely use it as soon as I got one. The colour's really pretty. 9,90€

Eyebrow Lifter - Highlighting Pen: A real eye opener! A highlighter that lifts and illuminates the eye area – the quick and easy way to get an instant fresh look. A single stroke under your eyebrow arches instantly lifts and illuminates the eye area. One universal shade in soft nude/pink that fits all skin tones. Blend gently with the fingertips.
Tip! Can also be used to neutralize red eyelids, as an eye shadow primer and to cover dark areas under the eyes. I was totally surprised with this one! It really makes your eyes look brighter and kinda 'lifts' the eyebrows optically. Great Product!! 12,90€

3) Eye Shadow Quartet: A new Eye Shadow Quartet is presented in Bella Vita and the colors in 49 Gelato looks just like the ice cream you find on the Italian Riviera in the summer. Matte, chalky and in lovely pastel shades of yellow, pink, purple and mint. Lovely colours, not very intense when applied once, though. Would use it for my every-day make up because it's rather low-key.  18,90€

4) Wonder Nail: Extra long lasting and quick drying nail polish. In Bella Vita we present new shades in creamy, chalky pastels. The blue/lilac 754 Bella Vita, the pink 753 Rosette and the mint green 755 Pistacchio. Let your nails match your make-up this spring! Just beautiful! Love them. 9,90€

Graffiti Nail Top: Graffiti pattern in just one stroke! Works good, I'm not that fond of graffiti nails, though. But if you like that manicure style, you'll love those. 9,90€

Clear Nail Gel 6-in-1: Base Coat, Top Coat, Shiny, Ridge Filling, Long Lasting, Caring. Needless to say that I had high expectations when reading all those 'promises' of the Wonder Nail Gel. Surprisingly, I am so satisfied with it that it's become one of my favorites of the collection. My nails are usually as thin as paper and after using the polish once, it seemed to already help. Recommendable! 10,90€


Big Knit

After quite a long time of lingering around in my pj's while doing university work, I joined the 'real' outside world yesterday and therefor had to get dressed properly.
This is how it turned out! I decided to wear a burgundy blouse, trousers of a very silky fabric and a knitted sweater in order to create an accentuated contrast. Keeping it mostly black and white was surely not the last time for that season - that 'trend' is still gonna be big, although we've already seen it around the globe and on the streets last year.

Love, Julie.

Jumper, Clutch: Vintage, Trousers: Stradivarius, Blouse: Primark, Necklace: Zara, Shoes: H&M
Lipgloss: Max Factor Colour Xpert - Spicy Plum


Table decoration

Now, that we've arrived in 2013 and the holiday season is officially over, I put all things christmassy back in boxes and was ready to redecorate my flat. So far so good, but after I realized that it's a bit too early for spring flowers and that Easter is not really approaching in big steps, I had NO idea of what's appropriate for that time of the year. What I did then was take some of my vintage items from other rooms and kinda recycle the candles of our Advent wreath - et voilá! I mean, sure, that table decoration is by far not perfect, but the more I get used to it, the more I like it. How do you guys solve that 'problem'?

Love, Julie.


Teeny tiny Ikea haul:


Holiday Randoms

Hello my friends, how have your holidays been? I'm finally back in Vienna with tons of pictures for you. My week in Carinthia was very low-key, really rather laid-back - still, that didn't prevent me from taking hundreds of photos, which would literally be an overflow to the blog. So, here are some impressions of the last December days and oh, before I forget:  A very happy new year to all of you! Make the most of it!! 

Love, Julie.

Dinner before we left Vienna - Among the lovely guests: Katii of Süchtig nach.. // Tagliatelle con Funghi and Salad
Cookies I made

With my grandma // Little brother
Around the tree at my mom's
Some of my great presents: Concert tickets for Pink and One Republic // A new DVD player
Yep, they know I love cupcakes :) Calendar, more recipes to try, tea service, Yankee Candle
Perfume // Time to cuddle
Walking in a winter wonderland (in the mountains)
Coat from my mom // Necklace = sale bargain from myself
Full moon on the left // Sun on the right
Foggy lake (Wörthersee) // Little one feeding the ducks
Noah (my brother; as seen above) // Oreo cake I made for a birthday party
New Year's Eve at my uncle's // casual // Eating raclette