The last couple of days have been great!! I mean, I haven't left the house for ages now (which changes tomorrow, yay!) but the funny thing is - I didn't have to. Almost every day the post(wo)man came over with pressies from (online) companies, who were friendly enough to send me their products. I also received my Urban Outfitters SALE order, yay! So, lots of new stuff in here :) For I'm super happy with my newbies, I'm gonna show you what I got. Don't forget about Valentine's Day.. Maybe you wanna surprise your beloved ones with one of those totally delicate products - or make a wish list yourself!? But have we really already got that far? I mean, I see many other bloggers set up such lists, but I'm not sure if that's a little over the top. The 14th is still a couple of postings away, so maybe you're gonna tell me your opinion on that issue! For now some random shots plus short product information. 

Love, Julie.

Those beautiful flowers were saved from the bin! It's unbelievable what people throw away these days. Crazy. Need to get a bigger vase, though ;)

My new etagere from Urban Outfitters + latest 'Glamour' issue.

Ice cream Jelly Bellies from The World of Sweets - Yummy!!
The full Urban Outfitters order: 'Whatever' party banner (you have to prepare it yourself, the letters come loose - didn't know that before), 'Queen of fucking everything' party banner - love that!, etagere/jewelry stand and a hilarious tea mug, saying 'Tea, Bitch'. Haha
That ring is also Urban O.! Am so in love with teeny tiny gold rings at the moment.
These polishes are not new - i've reviewed the Isadora one in the last beauty post - but I wanted to show them to you, in case you wonder which brand I used in the picture above. Btw, that pic is from my morning manicure today. In bed. Way to start your day :)
Another Isadora package filled with the new multi vitamin glosses. They smell heavenly and produce the perfect wet look! The only negative point for me is that they are a little sticky, but I guess that's normal, right?
Oh, how bad you cannot smell that vanilla scent through your screens! That's definitely one of the lovliest lip balms I've tried so far! It comes from the German brand Cosy Lips and you can choose between several designs. You can also order them in beautiful gift packaging. You gotta check that homepage out!!
Whoop, whoop - a totally cruel free, all natural cosmetic online shop!! Ecco Verde allowed me to try their online store out and shop for 20€. That's what went to my virtual shopping cart and I am highly satisfied with these products. The Weleda shower gel is so smooth and creamy and a must have for all lavender-lovers. The Burt's Bees was new to me but I also liked that a lot. It's a very rich body lotion with cocoa butter and bees wax and the moisturizing effect really lasts about 24 hours. Seriously. 
The last online shop I wanna advise you today is World of Sweets. Look at those YUMMIES!!! I got all that candy plus the buggles for only 10 € - thanks to the nice staff! They have all the exotic American sweets we don't have in Austria! So great. Oh my, why do I have such a terrible sweet tooth?? 

Something important I wanna add last but not least: I always write my honest opinion on sponsored items. Of course, I love getting goody packages but I don't lie about products if I disapprove of them or the company for whatever reason! 


  1. Ooooh das sieht aber hübsch aus bei dir!!!
    So frühlingshaft schon!! Gefällt mir richtig gut :)

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  3. bei dir sieht es sehr kuschelig aus...da könnte ich mich wohlfühlen. bis bald

  4. schöne sachen :)
    & der ring ist ja wirklich süß
    Lg <3


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