Quick'n'easy Salad

As everyone's busy during the exam time, hardly anybody wants to spend much time in the kitchen. Most students tend to eat loads of fast aka junk food or go to restaurants, which is kinda expensive as you may notice at the end of the month. Here's one very quick and easy recipe for you that's very yummy, quite healthy (well, at least more than McD., BK, Happy Noodles and co.) and cheap. 

What you need: (for 2 portions)

100g (1 package) arugula
1 package of haloumi cheese
1 table spoon balsamic vinegar
2 table spoons olive oil
juice of half a lemon
crema di balsamico

garlic bread (or whatever you like alongside your salad)

Put one tbsp of olive oil in a nonstick pan on the stove by medium high heat, cut the cheese in 1inch pieces and grill them for 4 min each side until brown and crispy. Place the arugula on 2 plates and put the grilled cheese on top. Drizzle the lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and the crema di balsamico over the salad. If you like you can season it with salt and pepper, but for the haloumi cheese is very salty itself, i would advise you to rather taste it first. Have a good meal! :)


  1. Mhm schaut richtig lecker aus.. aber was ist denn dieses "Arugula"? Das schaut ja seeehr nach Hähnchen aus :D

  2. sieht lecker aus - könnt ich mir heut zu mittag machen, danke :)

  3. Das sieht so köstlich aus! Yummy!

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Thanks for sharing your much appreciated thoughts with me! xo J.