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A marvellous pink package was brought to my door a couple of days ago - the Guerlain Spring Collection 13 goodie bag finally arrived after having problems with the parcel service. Although I had already known that I was about to get something, the products blew my mind. The powder pearls are super lovely but the lipstick is uh-mazing!! Such a nice colour - looks exactly like the 'Grandest Grape' chubby stick I have been longing for a couple of posts before. Huh, I'm in lipstick heaven. More information below, my dearest beauty-holics.

Love, Julie.

Guerlain says: In one gesture, a cocktail of sequins and colours! Automatically ACCESSORY… Fashion accessory. Seductive object. Beauty asset. Automatically SEQUINS … A light-reflecting cocktail, made of various shimmering pearly particles, tone-on-tone, contrasting, red, blue or golden, which boosts lips with subtly sparkling scintillation. Automatically COLOURFUL … Unlike classic white pigments, crystal pigments do not have an opaque base. They are more transparent, giving purity and radiance to colours with no whitening effect. 12 new irresistible shades in an extremely fine texture that becomes one with the skin to deliver perfect moisturisation and maximum comfort. Lips are soft, smooth and deliciously glossy. I say, the colour is totally adorable and the lipstick has got such a smooth texture - it's a real delightment to apply and wear it. Even the golden look of the lipstick case is so pretty. Love it!! A MUST HAVE.

Guerlain says: To illuminate skin with an angelic halo, Guerlain’s legendary pearls are getting a boost and coming out in an XXL limited edition size. This devilishly beautifying compact features six skin-toned and pastel shades. The face lights up and shimmers subtly, revitalized and instantly awakened, as if by magic.  I say, this is a lovely product I would have never ever thought of buying before. It gives your face a nice little glow but is not that much of a daily essential. I really like it though and am gonna use it a lot now that I have it ;)

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  1. WOW, beautiful goodies! The lipstick really is amazing, I love the color! Next time when having problems with delivery feel free to steer the package my direction hhh :)


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