At the end of February, my girl T. celebrated her 21st birthday and I wanted to take it upon myself to do the party preparations so she could enjoy her day to the fullest. Ok, ok.. maybe that was not all altruistic because I never let others interrupt me decorating, baking etc. Additionally, she doesn't love birthdays the way I do and as I think that occasion must be celebrated properly, T. likes it rather quiet than standing in the spotlight. The compromise was a comfy little get-together with only a couple of friends, some more drinks and loads of sweets. I wasn't sure if you guys would like to read such personal kind of stuff, which is why I waited writing that post. My mind has changed though, since I totally love being given little insights in other bloggers' personal life. That really helps getting to know them better. Anyways, here's a tiny look behind the curtain for you, hope you enjoy it! Tell me if you like that kind of stuff and want to see it more often or if I should rather stick to the fashion part!?? 

Love, Julie.

Before and after / from muffin to cupcake :)
Little DIY: Dip the seams of your glasses in fresh lemon juice and quickly afterwards in (coloured) sugar. To help your guests remember their glasses, mark them with masking tape and write their names on the little pennants.
Other yummy treats: A super delicious bottle of sparkling wine sponsored by Kattus that pretty much reminded me of champagne (the second bottle didn't outlive the picture ;), a vegan carrot cake and a heart shaped cherry chocolate cake.
Sparklers and rainbow candles


  1. Oh Gott, wie süß du ausgesehen hast!!!
    Das gefällt mir super arg an dir der Look.
    Und die Bilder...da wär man gerne auch Gast gewesen. Total süß hergerichtet alles. Gefällt mir voll und sieht einfach hübsch und vor allem lecker aus!

  2. wow, du bist ja eine richtig liebe freundin - hast dir sooo viele mühe gegeben ... 2 daumen hoch! Finde solche posts auf blogs immer wieder interessant. vor allem, wie du schon sagst, erfährt man dabei mehr vom Autor.

    Liebe Grüße,
    Tina von dedicated to

  3. Ich finde diese Art der Posts auch voll toll - und deine DIY Idee ist supersüß :)

    Greez Mel
    von cosmopolitantrashy.blogspot.co.at

  4. Sieht ja nach einem richtig coolen, gemütlichen und schönen Geburtstag aus! :)
    Ihr seht alle total stylisch aus, voll nice. :´)

    Danke für deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog, hat mich sehr gefreut! <3
    Wenn du Lust und Zeit hast dann schau doch mal auf meiner Facebook-Seite vorbei, ich würde Luftsprünge machen, wenn sie dir so gefallen würde, dass sie ein Like bekommt. :>


    Liebse Grüße aus der grünsten Stadt Deutschlands! :-)


  5. Hi Julie! Seems like you guys had enjoyed a lot at the birthday get-together. Love all the decoration and pics; gives me a cozy feeling looking at the pics. Love reading about other people; so I would love to see some more of this kind of posts. Hugs and wishing you a wonderful day. Following you back with gfc and bloglovin'.;)


Thanks for sharing your much appreciated thoughts with me! xo J.