Madeleine & Romy Hubegger

A couple of days ago, I've been invited to join two events of brands I honestly haven't been that familiar with. You possibly know 'Madeleine' - a high quality, kinda luxurious brand that can be purchased via catalogue or online. The second one was 'Romy Hubegger', a small Austrian label specialized on foulards and scarves. I'm gonna show you the pictures first and tell you more about the occasions subsequently. Have a lovely start in the new week, my dearest ones.

Love, Julie.

The Madeleine event took place at beautiful hotel Sans Souci in the heart of Vienna. A lovely location with great food, nice stuff and a great showroom with exquisite fashion items. To give you an impression of the new collection, I took pictures of my favourite pieces of clothing and shoes. For more info pls check out the brand's homepage. I am also thinking about a spring giveaway with one beautiful sponsored Madeleine item worth 90,00€!! What do you think?

The second event was hosted by Romy Hubegger on the next day and took place at the stunning 'Sky Bar', a restaurant/café/bar located on top of the luxurious shopping venue 'Steffl', opposite of the famous Stephansdom. I was really surprised in a positive way, since I've only had a sneak peak on the collection of Romy Hubegger on their homepage the day I've been invited to join the event and didn't really know what to expect. But let me tell you, the patterns and fabrics being used for their products are incredible. Super smooth and super stylish. And there are pieces for everybody's taste in fashion, either it's modern or more mature - Katii and I quickly found our very own it-pieces. Again, I advise you to check out the website for further information. 

And to both brands a big thank you for having me!!

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  1. die orange-töne im ersten bild gefallen mir sehr gut! freu mich schon so auf den frühling, wenn man diese farben wieder überall sieht! xxx mila
    danke übrigens für dein kommentar auf meinem blog :)


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