50 Facts about myself

Katii asked me a couple of days ago to join her '50 Facts'-tag and tell you, my dears, 50 more or less interesting random facts about myself. That means some work for me and hopefully a fun time reading for you :) Also, this is the first post in quite a long time and because I missed y'all, I thought that was something nice to start with before I'll prepare all the NYC posts. I like getting to know other bloggers better and for I know you do as well, I'm gonna start my list now. Feel free to tag yourself and join the party! (Don't forget to leave the link in a comment below ;)

Love, Julie.

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1.) I am such a dreamer. I sometimes need to concentrate on what's reality ;)
2.) Just one word: Melancholia. My steady companion.
3.) Autumn is my most favourite season.
4.) Although I've always been very mature, I'll probably (hopefully) never lose my inner child. It's a little Peter Pan-like.. I can see the beauty in smallest things and be totally crazy about cotton candy and stuff. That's probably the main reason for my strong affection towards festivities like Easter, Christmas, birthdays etc.
5.) I love TV series. From King of Queens to Sex and the City and those typical 90's ones like Home Improvement, Full House and 7th Heaven. So cheesy, but so good. I watch 'em all when I'm feeling too nostalgic.
6.) Speaking of TV: I'm heavily addicted to Criminal minds and Law & Order: SUV.
7.) I like sweet popcorn with nacho cheese dip at the cinema.
8.) I enrolled at university at the age of 17, cause' I skipped a grade.
9.) I have an opinion on everything.
10.) Quite ironic for a blogger: I'm terribly shy and uncomfortable around people I don't know. But I bet my friends and family often pray for me to shut up because that's something I can hardly do around people I AM comfortable with. I even talk in my sleep!
11.) Sarcasm appears to be my first language. Like REALLY.
12.) Unfortunately, I can't say 'no'. Good for others, bad for me.
13.) I'm allergic to mosquitoes. Kind of reacting allergic to bees, too.
14.) I could eat all day long and think food is one of life's greatest pleasures.
15.) I'm really good at speaking in front of a crowd of people, but while everybody thinks this comes naturally, I'm dying a little inside.
16.) I absolutely hate cilantro and cumin and don't eat meat. (But that's for ethical reasons.)
17.) I'm suffering from severe wanderlust! Traveling the world is my number one priority when it comes to spending money. I'd rather forgo shopping for a while than not going on some trips each year.
18.) I am a spontaneous person and find this highly attractive in other people as well.
19.) I never forget anything (emotionally). That's probably the trickiest, most annoying thing about myself and hurts nobody more than me. I remember every unfairness that ever occurred to me and go through random conversations and painful situations over and over in my head. Sometimes I even start crying the moment I remember those things again.
20.) I've been an only child for 17 years and totally hated it. When my darling baby brother was born 3 years ago, I felt we had a very special connection from the first second we met. I adore this little boy and his two cousins I used to babysit over many years. Sometimes I miss them so much that it actually physically hurts. 
21.) Those special conversations you only have with your closest friends (sometimes while getting drunk ;) and barbecues in endless summer nights are best!
22.) When I was a child I would spend hours trying on my grandma's countless shoes and jewelry. That obsession started early, beginning the day I learned to walk.
23.) I have always dreamed of having four children and now that this plan's becoming a little more concrete I'm more certain about that than anytime before.
24.) I consider myself a modern day feminist and am highly thankful for those brave people that have stood up for our rights and changed our history for the better.
25.) I'm totally unpatriotic. While this is something that kinda impresses me in America and the UK, I get totally sick hearing the Austrian anthem, seeing those waving flags and proudly screaming people covered in red - white - red. Other Austrians hate me that for, but I just can't help and immediately think of the past. Celebrating and glorifying the nation and seeing those massive eagles on the flags gives me negative shivers. That's a personal thing where I tend to overreact a bit but I fear a repeating of history. National Socialism has been the worst thing to ever happen and some people acting the way I described above, tend to be a little too extreme and have a far-right political attitude.
26.) I'm in a constant fight with myself.
27.) London's the city of my dreams, although I lost a little piece of my heart in New York, too.
28.) Quiet scares me.
29.) Being surrounded by mountains is totally oppressive to me. Another reason for living abroad, I guess.
30.) I somehow feel deeply connected with Florence Welch as her lyrics seem to be coming straight from my heart. She must have a mind that's as dark as mine ;)
31.) In contrast to what I just wrote, I'm very optimistic, too. I believe that in the end everything will be good. Always. 
32.) I am constantly singing or buzzing which drives a lot of people crazy.
33.) My room at my mom's place used to be bright pink until I finally redecorated it two years ago. It's been like Elle Woods' in Legally Blonde - all shades of pink, white furniture and extremely girly and fluffy.
34.) At the age of one I almost died of meningitis.
35.) Sometimes I feel so helpless and really overwhelmed by all the injustice that's going on in the world. I simply can't accept that there must be people dying of hunger and poverty when others don't know what else to do with all their money.
36.) I can't stand mean gossip. Celebrity-wise it disgusts me what people are making of Lindsay Lohan. To me, she's just a poor girl who's constantly under pressure and the public eye and therefore plus because of her moneygrubbing family she's found her way in doing drugs and alcohol to cope with that life. I've loved many of her movies - The Parent Trap, Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and Georgia Rule - and think she's very talented. I also loved her being together with Sam Ronson - so cute. Hopefully she won't join club 27.
37.) My insecurity prevents me from trying to achieve my dreams. (I'll so regret that when I'm old.)
38.) I'm a sucker for tea lattes. I love earl grey and the English tea drinking habits and chai latte.
39.) Paulo Coelho's books totally touch me. Once I lay on the beach and silently got all teary while reading 'Veronica decides to die' or '11 minutes'.
40.) I have a ridiculous fear of spiders. It's so bad that there are countries I'll never be able to visit without hypnotherapy, such as Australia.
41.) I love Goldie Hawn movies! 'Housesitter' has been my favourite since I was a child and I still watch it at least twice a year. Needless to say I know the script by heart :) I also really, really like Susan Sarandon and Diane Keaton.
42.) I love fancy hotels but even there I check every bed before I lie down. I hate hair in bed, especially if it's not mine.
43.) I believe in a God that doesn't exclude people because of their race, ethnic background or sexual orientation. Some aspects in most religions are bullshit and mustn't be grabbed hold of.
44.) I am very passionate. In every single way^^ I either do things a 100% or not at all.
45.) I have a weakness for pretty things. Pieces of clothing, decor, flowers, food, magazines.. that list could go on forever. I simply can't resist a good bargain.
46.) Speaking of lists: I always have one to be ticked off. I have countless lists on paper and even more in my head. 
47.) I'm silently correcting people's grammar.
48.) I love live music. Concerts are one of the best ways of spending money.
49.) Coolness is so sexy to me. Either if it's rockstar boys or androgynous girls like Katherine Moennig, Tegan and Sara etc.
50.) Though it's the most painful thing on earth, I love love.