I had a really good time at the Nivea product launch at beautiful hotel Sanssouci. Besides the stunning location and great decor - all aqua themed, which is the reason for my blue pictures :) - the presentation of the new products was highly professional and interesting. There were experts flown in to talk about the newest additions to the Nivea family and I enjoyed the slightly scientific approach to the cosmetic topics. The only 'con' among all the 'pro's was the choice of mannequins in the new adverts. I mean, models in their (early) twenties are not quite the target group of anti-aging products, right? I'll never get that. I won't show you those here on the blog for the same reason. My family loved their presents, though ;)

Love, Julie.

The brand-new innovation and main reason for the presentation was the in-shower moisturizer. It works totally effortlessly while you're in the shower - it's like a body lotion that you apply after your shower and rinse off your body like a shower gel. It leaves your skin soft from head to toe and is the perfect alternative for all lazy creamers out there. Like me. It comes in two versions: for normal skin and for dry skin and is worth a try, I promise.

The second product I totally fell in love with is the Nivea sun protect & refresh spray! I tested that one on the few hot days so far and it's now my number one beauty/body care product for this summer. I love it for two reasons: 1.) it's not sticky and SO easy to apply and 2.) it doesn't feel like sun protection at all but totally like a refreshing spray. Cools you down on the beach :) 

These products on the picture were sent to me some time ago - I receive quite a lot from the brand at the moment - and wanted to show them to you for I really like most of them, although I didn't use to buy them before. No I kinda stick to the brand even if I actually gotta buy them. That sounds a little awkward, haha. The shower gels are my favourites!

1.) Light moisturizing day cream: With vitamins and natural lotus extract this day cream moisturizes and   protects for a fresh skin feeling.
2.) Repair and beauty labello: Lip care that instantly relieves and soothes severely dry, sensitive lips.
3.) Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream enriched with Vitamin E and Hydra IQ: Provides intensive moisture, supports the skin's regenerating process during the night with its Provitamin B5 formula and supports the skin’s moisture balance.
4.) Dry confidence roll-on: Contains a highly effective anti-perspirant formula for a dry and confident feeling. I must say that I'm a little suspicious towards deodorants now I know about the sickening effect of aluminum on our bodies.
5.) Soft soufflé: Softly moisturizing with a rich formula.
6.) Surpreme touch cream shower: Cleanses and nurishes the skin and leaves a decent scent on your skin.
7.) Pure and natural moisturizing face mask: intense skincare for all skin types.


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