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Oh damn, now I got that Uncle Cracker song stuck in my head. Haha. Well, the reason for me reminding you to keep on track with me and our little thing we share together, namely this little space in the world wide web, my fashion-beauty-food-whatever-diary, is that google reader will be inactive by tomorrow. You surely know about that change, but I'd better be safe than sorry - don't wanna lose a single one of you, my loves. So, here are some alternatives for you to follow Stereotypically Me without google reader! I have always loved bloglovin', but follow my favourites on many more channels to kinda double-check I don't miss any news :) Hope you'll join me on bloglovin', insta and co. for even more fun and updates! 

Love, Julie.

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Philadelphia stracciatella cake

If you like cheesecakes, you'll love this recipe! It's a cute and yummy way of showing a beloved one your affection and what's best is definitely the easiness of this cake. You don't even need an oven, just a fridge. See? It's perfect if you're running out of time and still need a little surprise for a party or any occasion.

Love, Julie.


170g chocolate biscuits 
125g butter
3 packages Philadelphia (cream) cheese (à 175g)
300g Greek yoghurt (non fat)
3 tblsp. squeezed lemon
2 packages grated gelatin (or 6 sheets)
75g sugar
50g grated chocolate
vanilla extract
fresh raspberries

1.) Crash biscuits into small pieces, then combine crumbs and butter and press into base of a lined 18cm springform pan.
2.) Beat Philadelphia and sugar with an electric mixer until smooth, add yoghurt, lemon and gelatin mixture (stick to instructions on the product!) and beat all together.
3.) Add chocolate and raspberries and stir gently, for the berries should remain in their usual shape and will colour your cake light pink otherwise ;) Could be nice though..
4.) Pour philadelphia mixture into prepared base and chill for at least three hours. After that, either decorate with the rest of the raspberries and chocolate sprinkles or totally different and just the way you like it!

Enjoy with your loved ones!


Colour Shock

About a week ago, Maybelline and Matrix hosted a wonderful event at 25 Hours Hotel Vienna. On that lovely evening the brand's beauty and hair experts showed us some amazing new products, we got to try out immediately. In two separated rooms - one beauty corner and one hair care zone - the innovations were explained and demonstrated. Among them were electric new neon colours for both, nails and eyes. You can see the nail polishes, of which the bright orange one is my absolute favourite, in the above picture. The other highlights of the summer collection were colourful mascaras. I remember having a blue one at the age of thirteen - it's funny, how some things always seem to come back. And although I've been a little skeptical, the turquoise mascara plus eyeliner are my highlights of the whole product launch! They add the perfect pop of colour to a summerly outfit and makeup and make your eyes look so shiny and bright no matter the colour. Apart from that, I'm also quite in love with the Matrix hair products. The oil is great and let me tell you.. the hair mask is so wonderful that I literally use it every time I wash my hair. Definitely have a new addition here to add to my all-time favourite beauty product list. Now, enjoy the colourful pictures of the event, the lovely products and the amazing catering! And pleeease, check out the location one day, cause' it's SO fabulous! 
Love, Julie.

Couldn't leave those pretty balloons at the hotel! Thanks for the fun photo session afterwards, Katii and Steffi!


Carrie for one day

Sex and the city has had a major impact on fashion industry and a lot of peoples' (womens') lives. When I first saw an episode of the tv-series I was about eleven years old - I know, probably a little too young ;) - but I loved it from the very first minute on. Ten years later, now legally allowed to watch it, I'm still kinda obsessing over it and do a real SATC marathon from time to time. A few days ago, my friends and I were talking about the brilliant characters and which one would match our personalities most. I was told that I'd be a combination of Carrie, Miranda and Samantha. In my friends' opinion I got Carrie's loveliness, Miranda's sarcasm and Samantha's.. whatever. Haha. So, this can either mean I'm a very lucky girl for having some great qualities or - and that's what I'm definitely more certain of - having a bunch of awesome friends. Thank you <3 Anyways, I decided to step out in a rather Carrie inspired outfit the other day. By no means did I want to copy any specific look of hers, but try to build an outfit around her signature pieces of clothing: fancy heels, a tutu skirt, a designer bag and visible bra. Fashion's for fun - and I surely had mine. What character are you taking after the most?

Love, Julie.
Tanktop, Heels,  Ring: Forever21, Skirt, Bra: H&M, Bag: Lanvin


Summer dress

Wearing dresses is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways of making it through hot summer days. This one is a very old Camden Market buy I often forget about, but in fact really appreciate when it happens to cross my mind. I like the boho-touch and that it's a little hippie-esque - at least paired with earthy colours, like the pops of brown in these pictures. Are you team dresses or shorts for summer? I wouldn't wanna decide, and gladly, we don't have to ;)

Love, Julie.
Dress: Camden Market, Heels: Deichmann, Belt: Forever21


Under the rainbow

Last weekend, the 18th Vienna Pride parade ("Regenbogenparade") took place in our beautiful city and made me and my friends plus about a hundred thousand other people come out to celebrate and demonstrate. The reason for celebrating always is the increasing tolerance and acceptance towards the LGBT community and also, simply all people being different and proud of who they are. The reason for demonstrating is clearly the lack of equality in so many ways, especially in front of the law. I'm gonna repeat myself every year if necessary, and stress how important it is for our society to wake up and realise we've made it to the 21st century, where people need to reach out for those who belong to a 'minority' and fully include them into society, right where they - we all - belong. Sadly, other countries' regimes still have the power to prohibit pride parades and all sorts of protests and even punish those who peacefully demonstrate for their rights. Especially Russia's inhumane law attracted attention these days - and I truly hope that one day (rather soon) the system's gonna change and people will be able to show their true colours around the world. Until then, I only got one thing to say: Fuck you, Putin.

Love, Julie.
Bustier, Skirt: H&M, Bag: Primark, Sandals: Accessorize,
Necklace: New Yorker, Flower crown: DIY
Part of my rainbow crew. Due to privacy issues, I won't show you other people
on the blog and hope you understand that.
I'm so proud of my city and the politicians who make it possible that the whole
town is decorated with rainbow flags, equality and peace signs. Although it
should, I know this isn't self-evident. So, thank you!


Aubergine spread

As I am not at all loving aubergine (or more funnily 'eggplant'), I haven't been very happy about T. coming home with one. But now that we had the vegetable lying in the fridge, we simply had to use it - I hate throwing food, or frankly, anything, away. What I thought would taste disgusting not so yummy, turned out to be one of my favourite bread spreads so far. Indeed, I always liked oriental breakfasts with hummus, feta cheese etc. and there the aubergine spread was an acceptable side effect. But that homemade one is really so great, I actually would have never thought it's made of aubergine in the first place. I recommend you to try it either for breakfast or as a starter when you're hosting a dinner night or also as a side dish for any kind of salads. If you wonder, why typical oriental spices are rare in this recipe, this is because I totally loathe cumin and (fresh) cilantro, the main oriental spices. You'll never find those two ingredients in my recipes. Do you like them? Because I've heard one either loves or hates those spices!

Love, Julie.


1 medium aubergine
1/2 white onion
4 garlic cloves
1 tsp. oregano
1 tsp. paprika
1 tsp. sambal oelek (hot chili paste) 
1 tsp. olive oil
3 tbsp. non-fat yoghurt
salt, pepper

hand blender and non-stick pan

1.) Put the aubergine on a plate and steam it for 8min at 750 watt in the microwave, when it's soft and ready cut it in 1inch pieces. After that, chop onion and garlic in small pieces, put olive oil in the pan and put it on the stove at medium high heat.
2.) Roast onion and garlic gently for about 3min, add the chopped up aubergine to the the pan and season it with paprika, oregano, chili, pepper and salt (amount depends on your taste)*. Give it a good stir and sauté it for another 3min.
3.) Put the pan off the stove and cool the mixture for about 30-45 min.
4.) Last step before the spread is ready to serve: blend the cool aubergine mixture and the yoghurt until it has a creamy consistence. Serve it on toasted ciabatta or the bread of your choice . 

Buon appetito!

* If you like to have a more oriental taste, add some cumin or/and cinnamon to the seasoning.


Casual Crop

It's getting hotter and hotter each day and so do my outfits ;) Just kidding. This one's rather casual but gets me in a summerly mood as the temperatures are rising and hitting the 20+ degree mark. I am so in awe with crop tops and even though I'm not very fit and surely don't have a perfect body, I'm wearing crops proudly. Some people think that piece of clothing belongs to models and others state, that they belong back to the nineties where they've come from. Nonetheless, you know my opinion on that whole body-issues-matter: everybody has to deal with it from time to time, but it's not right to put much pressure on your shoulders just to fit in a certain size or society's opinion. Be true to yourself and as far as the crop top situation is concerned.. pair them with high waist shorts or choose those that are not SO short and tight, to feel comfortable. 

Love, Julie.

Jeans, Crop Top: Zara, Blazer, Ring, Hairband: H&M, Shoes: Forever21, Bag: Six

Also, random.org has chosen the winner of the summer giveaway and I wanna congratulate nr. 3, Always Devoted. You're soon getting mail! To all others, thanks for participating and watch out for the next giveaway which will be up soon.