Carrie for one day

Sex and the city has had a major impact on fashion industry and a lot of peoples' (womens') lives. When I first saw an episode of the tv-series I was about eleven years old - I know, probably a little too young ;) - but I loved it from the very first minute on. Ten years later, now legally allowed to watch it, I'm still kinda obsessing over it and do a real SATC marathon from time to time. A few days ago, my friends and I were talking about the brilliant characters and which one would match our personalities most. I was told that I'd be a combination of Carrie, Miranda and Samantha. In my friends' opinion I got Carrie's loveliness, Miranda's sarcasm and Samantha's.. whatever. Haha. So, this can either mean I'm a very lucky girl for having some great qualities or - and that's what I'm definitely more certain of - having a bunch of awesome friends. Thank you <3 Anyways, I decided to step out in a rather Carrie inspired outfit the other day. By no means did I want to copy any specific look of hers, but try to build an outfit around her signature pieces of clothing: fancy heels, a tutu skirt, a designer bag and visible bra. Fashion's for fun - and I surely had mine. What character are you taking after the most?

Love, Julie.
Tanktop, Heels,  Ring: Forever21, Skirt, Bra: H&M, Bag: Lanvin


  1. you look so beautiful! i loooove that bag!

  2. Sehr süßer Look, siehst toll aus :). Sex and the City mag ich auch sehr, hab heute mal wieer zwei Folgen auf Sixx gesehen.
    Danke für deinen Kommi, der Essie Nagellack Mint Candy Apple ist wirklich total schön!

    lg Neru

  3. Der Rock sieht wirklich süß aus! :)

    Liebste Grüße :)

  4. Hi :) danke für dein kommentar :))

    Sehr gewagtes outfit, aber ist dir gelungen :)!!!

    Lg alice

  5. Such a cute skirt


  6. Süßes Outfit! :3
    Und wo ich grad mal am Komplimente austeilen bin, dein Header ist auch total geil!
    Liebst, Lalu ♥

  7. Huiii das ist aber kurz :D Aber totaaaal schön.. vorallem DIESE SCHUHE!!! Sind die denn bequem?

    Alles Liebe, Katii

  8. Ohh tolles Outfit, vielleicht ein bissi knapp aber bei den Temperaturen letzte Woche nicht zu verübeln. Ich liebe SATC und denke ich hab von jeder Darstellerin ein bissi was in mir :)

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