Casual Crop

It's getting hotter and hotter each day and so do my outfits ;) Just kidding. This one's rather casual but gets me in a summerly mood as the temperatures are rising and hitting the 20+ degree mark. I am so in awe with crop tops and even though I'm not very fit and surely don't have a perfect body, I'm wearing crops proudly. Some people think that piece of clothing belongs to models and others state, that they belong back to the nineties where they've come from. Nonetheless, you know my opinion on that whole body-issues-matter: everybody has to deal with it from time to time, but it's not right to put much pressure on your shoulders just to fit in a certain size or society's opinion. Be true to yourself and as far as the crop top situation is concerned.. pair them with high waist shorts or choose those that are not SO short and tight, to feel comfortable. 

Love, Julie.

Jeans, Crop Top: Zara, Blazer, Ring, Hairband: H&M, Shoes: Forever21, Bag: Six

Also, random.org has chosen the winner of the summer giveaway and I wanna congratulate nr. 3, Always Devoted. You're soon getting mail! To all others, thanks for participating and watch out for the next giveaway which will be up soon.


  1. amazing outfit!! love the jeans!!!
    to bad i didnt win the giveway, it was great!! kisses <3

  2. Lovely post! great outfit! love the shirt!

    Now following you your 141 follower! Hope you follow back if you liked my blog!


  3. nice t-shirt :)
    following you
    kisses :)

  4. Hey,
    great pictures and a sweet outfit.
    The top is lovely.



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