Colour Shock

About a week ago, Maybelline and Matrix hosted a wonderful event at 25 Hours Hotel Vienna. On that lovely evening the brand's beauty and hair experts showed us some amazing new products, we got to try out immediately. In two separated rooms - one beauty corner and one hair care zone - the innovations were explained and demonstrated. Among them were electric new neon colours for both, nails and eyes. You can see the nail polishes, of which the bright orange one is my absolute favourite, in the above picture. The other highlights of the summer collection were colourful mascaras. I remember having a blue one at the age of thirteen - it's funny, how some things always seem to come back. And although I've been a little skeptical, the turquoise mascara plus eyeliner are my highlights of the whole product launch! They add the perfect pop of colour to a summerly outfit and makeup and make your eyes look so shiny and bright no matter the colour. Apart from that, I'm also quite in love with the Matrix hair products. The oil is great and let me tell you.. the hair mask is so wonderful that I literally use it every time I wash my hair. Definitely have a new addition here to add to my all-time favourite beauty product list. Now, enjoy the colourful pictures of the event, the lovely products and the amazing catering! And pleeease, check out the location one day, cause' it's SO fabulous! 
Love, Julie.

Couldn't leave those pretty balloons at the hotel! Thanks for the fun photo session afterwards, Katii and Steffi!


  1. Hey,
    great pictures and I it looks like a cool event. I love this balloon-pics.



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