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Oh damn, now I got that Uncle Cracker song stuck in my head. Haha. Well, the reason for me reminding you to keep on track with me and our little thing we share together, namely this little space in the world wide web, my fashion-beauty-food-whatever-diary, is that google reader will be inactive by tomorrow. You surely know about that change, but I'd better be safe than sorry - don't wanna lose a single one of you, my loves. So, here are some alternatives for you to follow Stereotypically Me without google reader! I have always loved bloglovin', but follow my favourites on many more channels to kinda double-check I don't miss any news :) Hope you'll join me on bloglovin', insta and co. for even more fun and updates! 

Love, Julie.

Bloglovin: My fav. way of regularly browsing through the blogs I love. It's nicely structured, easy to handle and you can even import your google reader blog list until tomorrow! Just click at the little blue heart - your home/profile button - and that feature will appear.

Instagram: Oh my gosh, how did I spend boring tube rides, lectures, endless hours of waiting for people etc. without that app? I honestly can't think about an instagram-less time anymore. (Which is pretty fucked up, I guess.)

Facebook: I'm always posting a teaser on fb when a new post is ready for you! Via the link you can then easily reach the original post. Of course, I'd be more than proud to get 'liked' by you.

My Style Hit: I have only discovered that amazing brand-new community that month and am already a fan of it! It's a lovely style and beauty channel, where you can 'heart' or follow the people you like. You  can also upload your own pics or create style collages within a few minutes. Check it out, it's very lovely there.

Pinterest: Pinterest is my favourite source of inspiration and my very own 'new google'. Whenever I wanna look something up - picture-wise of course - I go on that website and browse through the countless pretty pins and boards. I especially love (re)pinnin' interior ideas and creating my future dream home!

Twitter: I must admit, that I'm more the reader than the writer on twitter. I often retweet the things I find important/funny/inspiring though and am definitely keeping in touch, if anybody writes me.


  1. google friends ist weg, das leben geht weiter! habe mich sehr über deinen comment gefreut und schau mich jetzt mal bei Dir um : )
    LG Julia XX

  2. vielen dank für deinen kommi :) hab mich sehr gefreut :D also der haarausfall ist auf jeden fall schon besser geworden XD mein kehlkopf fühlt sich auch kleiner an. ich glaub, es geht langsam aber sicher bergauf :D

    hast du auch was mit der schilddrüse bzw. besteht bei dir verdacht auf eine schilddrüsenerkrankung?

    ich hatte ja jahrelang überhaupt keine probleme mit der schilddrüse, und dachte auch erst, dass eine erkältung ins land zieht XD irgendwann dachte ich mir so: gehste mal zum arzt und machst mal einen bluttest. schaden kann es ja nicht. und ich bin heilfroh, dass ich das gemacht habe. wer weiß, wie es in einigen monaten aussieht?

    und ich find es toll, dass du auf englisch bloggst *_________*


Thanks for sharing your much appreciated thoughts with me! xo J.