Jessica Fusion 2.5.2 Pedicure

At the beginning of this year's summer, already a little while ago, I was invited by the lovely team of Jessica Cosmetics to try their newest Fusion 2.5.2 nail polish system. I was so looking forward to my appointment at Topkapi beauty salon in Vienna's fancy 1st district as I have never had a professional pedicure before. The location was super luxurious and impressive, the staff has been totally nice and caring and the pedicure turned out to be so relaxing with a great result, too. After all, I got to say a huge thank you to Jessica Cosmetics and Topkapi for having me. A description of the new procedure will follow the pictures. Have you tried that kind of - or any - pedicure before?

Love, Julie.

Oh yes, I totally got pampered! After a 'warm up' - cleansing and relaxing foot bath - my feet were scrubbed thoroughly with a purifying enzyme scrub of Jessica's zen spa line. It exfoliates rough and dry skin, callusus and corns while helping to bring new skin to the surface and sets the foundation for silky smooth skin. Then I got to experience the revitalising fresh-effect of the moisturizing citrus soufflé and finally had my nails done! The Flash Fusion 2.5.2 system is a self curing gel system that combines nail polish and gel. It is for professional use only, delivers a hard, shiny, gel-like finish, is self-curing and requires no UV or LED light. Flash Fusion 2.5.2 is applied in 5 minutes. You can literally put on your shoes and walk out the door. And best of all: It lasts up to 4 weeks. Even better: It really works! I wanted to check the effect and mainly, if the pedicure does last a whole month before writing about it. After the promised time I decided to change the colour on my toe nails, but the only problem was I didn't have the professional remover and finally had to file the gel off, which didn't do my nails any good. So, if you decide to get such a permanent, glossy pedicure - which I truly advice you for summertime - make sure to check on that aspect too. 

And now have a look at the result: 


  1. Ein schöner Post - ist echt super geworden :)
    Liebste Grüße, Kathrin

  2. die Füße sehen gut aus :)

    Zu den Süßigkeiten: das meiste ist auch schon aufgegessen ^^

    LG Fio

  3. Dankeschön :) Dein header sieht auch richtig toll aus! gefällt mir sehr :)
    Das sind gelnägel oder? Habe schon viel gutes und schlechtes darüber gehört...aber noch nie das man das auf den fußnägeln draufmachen kann...aber klingt logisch und finde ich besser als auf den fingernägeln :) Ich hätte mich nie für eine farbe entscheiden können hahah :D

  4. Sieht wirklich toll und natürlich aus : ) Haha und ich glaube jedes zweite Mädchen hat dieses Prinzessinenbettchen : )


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