Buffalo meets Eva Poleschinski

Last week, Katii and I were invited to a Buffalo private sale, which was accompanied by the lovely Austrian designer Eva Poleschinski and her stuff who were selling their top-skirt-dress in several unique designs. The fabric range varies as much as the colour scheme does and you can literally have a piece for every occasion or type. My favourite of all (besides the all black ones) has been the punk inspired tartan 'skirt' I photographed for you (and myself to crave, honestly).

I was kinda intrigued by some of the Buffalo shoes as well, for there was not only a wide range of all kinds of shoes, but a lot of pairs I would label as 'London style' - which, of course - does absolutely meet my taste. For a peek at my best picks of the evening go through the pictures below! And btw, I didn't buy anything that night. Cheers to living on a student's budget ;)

Love, Julie.

Katii and I shot by Phil Jelenska


Golden light, paisley and a bun.

Actually, the title of today's post already says it all. Seriously. Still I want to write a few words on this one, as I kinda feel the need to explain myself for that messy hair and strange exposition of the photos. I wasn't sure if I should even blog that look for those very reasons, but you know what? Somehow I got used to my multicoloured hair - yes, I'm well aware of most people thinking of this as an absolute nogo - and the temperature and colours of the pics, which seem either instagramed or really vintage, are the result of a beautiful Autumn mood and golden hour. Fashionwise, this is one laid-back look for a casual city stroll. A lot of grey and black going on - my favourite basics - and my new red paisley blouse to complement the dark shades. Once more, cheers to layering!

Love, Julie.

Blouse: Forever21, Shirt: Zara, Jeggings: H&M, Boots: MaxShoes, Bag: Liebeskind,
Necklace: Primark


How to rock a 'dirndl'

It's that special time of the year, where in several cities around the globe - especially in Germany and Austria, too - the beginning of Autumn is celebrated with ladies in 'dirndl' dresses and gents in leather trousers. At least, so the cliché says.  The biggest party of that kind is the famous Bavarian Oktoberfest with thousands, up to a million of people attending. One of my Austrian blogging colleagues, Petra, had the idea, that we could initiate a blogger parade for the start of the Oktoberfest with several postings around that very theme. Now here's how I participate! My first dirndl look of all time - of course, a little less traditional than you're probably used to seeing it, but with an edgy twist for my personal note. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my way of pulling it off! Oh, and I'd be interested in your Oktoberfest experiences, too. If you're into the topic, don't miss the posts of my fellow blogger ladies! Links will be provided after the pictures.

Love, Julie.

Dress: Hammerschmid, Faux leather jacket: H&M, Boots: MaxShoes, Hat: Forever21
Lipstick: Guerlain, Nail varnish: She Stylezone

Further and highly recommended reading at the lovely blogs of Hannah, Petra, Katii, Petra, Eva-Maria, Vicky, Valerie. Take a look and have fun! xo


Room Details {Dressing Table}

Changes have been made, my dearest ones. I have been dreaming of my very own makeup corner for ages and finally rearranged my bedroom in order to create some free space for my brandnew dressing table. I'm quite happy with how it turned out, so I decided to show you some teeny tiny images of the result. Instead of giving you the vision of the whole room, here are some first hints of how I arranged my jewelry and stuff. I especially adore the H&M Home plates in the above picture and can never leave the store without buying something - even if I only get myself the 50th package of napkins. Tell me, if you'd like to see more/ want a home tour someday! 

Oh, I simply love interior and all things related!

Love, Julie.


Cozy Leopard

Today I'm pulling off a rather controversial pattern - leopard print. I wonder how you feel about the leo look, for I know a whole lot of people who totally loathe it. Obviously, you can go wrong with leo outfits in many ways and they often look kinda cheap, but paired with an all black outfit or - which is much more exciting - a crazy pattern mix, it should totally be an eye-catcher and not a fashion faux-pas. It took me about a minute to 'create' this look due to horrendous laziness. Those leo leggings are the most comfortable pieces of clothing in my wardrobe - besides my pj's - and therefore will be worn again and again although I already got the advice to get rid of them a couple of times. But you know what? Haters gonna hate and I don't care, I love 'em! ;)

Love, Julie. 

Leggings, Top, Boots: H&M, Denim Shirt: Primark, Bag: Liebeskind, 
Sunnies: Rayban, Rings: Bershka


Pandora Fall/Winter Collection 2013

Today I got some big news for all Pandora lovers out there - I have a very special preview of their brand-new collection for you! Besides the brand's famous charms, some very elegant, yet cool pieces are among the fall and winter themed newbies. There's jewelry for almost every occasion among the new collection and I already have a couple of favourites. I'm not the biggest fan of the classic silver Pandora charms (though I like them on other people a lot), but fancy the delicate golden ones and love the new feather jewelry, purple cocktail ring + earrings and some other bling bling ;) But take a look yourself and tell me your opinion on the new collection and the brand itself!

Love, Julie.

The preview took place at beautiful Café Landtmann, which truly is worth a visit for its stunning location and the delicious snacks!