Farewell, Fall.

Fall has always been my most favourite season of the year and as much as I love the cozy, chilly time around christmas, spring blossoms or long summer nights out and about, for me the change of colours and that very special atmosphere between the end of summer and finally the clock change is just too beautiful to let it pass by without cherishing the the last few weeks and months. With the first of December just around the corner, there's now a teeny-tiny photo bomb awaiting you below to kind of celebrate the end of autumn before it's getting a lot more winterly and christmassy on Stereotypically Me.

Thank you fall for being a good one. We enjoyed all of your colours and the crisp walks around town. We snuggled up in our favourite pj's and had some lovely cups of tea. We danced, we laughed and partied and enjoyed major quality time.

Love, Julie.


Orange is the new black?

Since autumn is almost over and people seem to be in the classic 'christmas hurry' already, I have one of the last few fall posts prepared for you. Today's look is about two weeks old and the pictures were taken on our Sunday stroll around Kahlenberg. On clear and bright days the view up there is phenomenal! Vienna at your feet - and for those who are more into nature than 'skylines', there's plenty of it wherever you look. I actually never realized we had so many trees in the city!?

Anyway, the outfit was a typical easy-peasy fall look - lots of black going on here, 'disturbed' by a major orange colour boost, combined with a jumbo scarf and a little crop to make it more exciting. Oh, and regarding to my very creative title - wink - I wanted to ask you if you've already heard of the American tv show? It's said to be SO good, like over the top, and I'd appreciate a short review, if you don't mind!

Love, Julie.

Skirt, Crop Top, Jacket: H&M, Scarf: Zara, Boots: MaxShoes, 
Bag: Liebeskind, Tights: Bipa, Ring: Bershka



Basically, this has got to be my most favourite casual look currently. In my opinion, nothing can beat a good basic! I love stocking up on plain white tees, simple black tops, jeggings or really anything solid that helps create a low key outfit within a couple of seconds. Today's outfit shows that these key pieces of my wardrobe aren't even expensive, though I think they look a lot classier than the actual price did ;) Basics are also the most clever sale picks to 'invest' in - you'll hardly regret having bought the eighth white t-shirt (especially when it was reduced to 3€!) but could very well wanna get rid of the neon pink dress aka impulse buy failure shortly after. 

Lipstick or eyliner and maybe some statement jewelry can upgrade any casual daytime outfit to a fierce date look - believe me. If you wondered about my arm tattoos - they're temporary and I might have gone a little too crazy on them but honestly? I loved em'. Cheers to the Tegan and Sara merch I got them from and to the themed party where I could free my inner rockstar for a bit.

Love, Julie.

 Coat: Zara, Tee, Jeggings, Necklace: H&M, Boots: MaxShoes, 
Studded Bracelet: Resteröds, Ring: I am


Pandora Essence Collection

A new Pandora jewelry collection has been launched about two weeks ago and since I really do approve of both - its new look and the concept behind - I thought you'd probably be interested in getting to know a bit more about it. Following the guiding line of the collection "Express the essence of you" us bloggers got to choose three charms among twenty-four 'values', which should either represent our very own personality or remind us of certain private goals we wanna reach/ values we need to stick to (more often). Before I tell you mine - which I have chosen instinctively - here's the list of all available charms that could represent your very own 'essence'. I'd be really interested in your picks, so go ahead if you don't mind telling me ;)

courage . passion . freedom . health . respect . peace . hope . happiness . compassion . trust . honesty . confidence . faith . stability . energy . loyalty . love . positivity . balance . wisdom . prosperity . wellness.  joy . strength .

It is really tough to only decide on three of these qualities, for every single one is important and (lacking one) can have a remarkably huge impact on our lives! Relating to that, you can find the stories of some very inspiring women here. I picked freedom, courage and passion - these three consist of what my heart desires the most, what I need more in my life and what describes me as individual human being best.

Love, Julie.


Weekend Getaway: Bratislava {Love for live music and pretty hotels}

Though Bratislava is only a one hour train ride away from Vienna, I haven't visited the Slovakian capital for an actual holiday or short stay - instead only went to the local airport - until now. This past weekend it was time to convert my promised and highly anticipated getaway (including Tegan and Sara concert tickets!) into a 'real' birthday present, so T. and I finally went to Bratislava to see the Canadian twins live on stage and stay overnight in a fancy spa hotel. Mama's Design and Boutique Hotel - which I highly recommend! - was such a pleasant surprise to me after my first impression of the city centre hasn't been all too well and a little ambivalent. 

I couldn't decide whether I felt a hundred percent comfortable in the very beginning, because, you know, there has a lot of modernisation been going on for the past few decades; still, the standard is obviously not as high as the Viennese one and you can see and feel the history of the town as well as the peoples' current living situation and their very low income, which in fact, is half of what Austrian people make for a living. Therefore, pastries start at five cents and food and drinks (a beer at the concert venue was 2€!) are cheaper than in the rest of (Western) Europe. However, shopping - besides groceries - won't relieve your budget much, for prices in the well known high street stores are the same as probably everywhere else in Europe. So yes, a lot of Slovakian people can't afford a well situated life and that tristesse a little disturbing at first. 

Still, there's this lovely old town and a pretty castle (which we unfortunately couldn't visit due to heavy rain) that are totally worth to be seen. The mixture of old and new, of misery and wealth somehow reminded me of other cities - or at least parts of them - and to me it mostly felt like a conglomerate of Prague (architecture and a slightly similar language to foreigners) and Berlin (mostly the parts that still resemble the DDR). There are so many cool locations to go out in the evenings and I really wanna come back to the city with a bunch of fun people to take advantage of that! Also the concert venue - Atelier Babylon - is SO great in my opinion and I'm pretty darn sure to not have been there for the last time ;) 

The show itself was amazeballs!! I did not imagine it to be that awesome and I most certainly did not imagine Tegan and Sara to be so flawless and even prettier in real life than on screen and in the pictures. It literally took me about an hour to cope with their level of adorableness and attractiveness while listening to their beautiful voices. It's remarkable to witness such musical talent and devotion - I love how passionate these two (and their super lovely support act Soak) have been. This is insanely inspiring and it even hurts a little to know the tour's over - but hey, I stormed the merchandise and still have CD's and youtube ;)

Last but not least, I have an 'insider tip' for you: check out your ways before leaving home - public transport is insanely cheap in Bratislava, whereas taxi drivers totally pull a fast one on tourists. And secondly - due to a lack of time we couldn't test validity of that - the hotel we stayed in is said to have the very best sushi bar in town! I'll most definitely be back in no time, for my concluding résumé is: the city is very interesting and I wanna experience more of it when the weather's better than this time. All in all, I loved the trip which equals my most favourite bday present this year!
Love, Julie.