Autumn Beauty Goodies {Florena}

I'm constantly being spoilt with products by cosmetic company Beiersdorf and often show you on instagram what they send me. Today I decided to additionally present you some of my favourite beauty newbies for that season: the Florena sea buckthorn limited edition.

The shower gel, body lotion and hand creme are available from October till December for the affordable price of 2,19€ / 2,65€ / 2,49€ in almost every drugstore in Austria and Germany and online - so be quick! ;) The main reason for me writing about those products is their heavenly fruity smell and the fact that Florena use biological ingredients to produce the cosmetics and do care about fair conditions - concerning both: humans and animals. (referring to the homepage) Also the products make your skin so soft, which, of course, is another advantage. My favourite - so far - is the shower gel which gets so creamy and smooth and improves your mood instantly with that lovely scent. Body lotion and hand creme are great as well, but I haven't used them too often by now for I wanted to wait for colder temperatures when my skin is a little drier and needs more and special (winterly) care.
As always, I'd be very much interested in your experience with the brand or those very products!

Love, Julie.

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  1. Ich finde die Produkte toll :) die Handcreme kann ich nur weiter empfehlen!


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