Farewell, Fall.

Fall has always been my most favourite season of the year and as much as I love the cozy, chilly time around christmas, spring blossoms or long summer nights out and about, for me the change of colours and that very special atmosphere between the end of summer and finally the clock change is just too beautiful to let it pass by without cherishing the the last few weeks and months. With the first of December just around the corner, there's now a teeny-tiny photo bomb awaiting you below to kind of celebrate the end of autumn before it's getting a lot more winterly and christmassy on Stereotypically Me.

Thank you fall for being a good one. We enjoyed all of your colours and the crisp walks around town. We snuggled up in our favourite pj's and had some lovely cups of tea. We danced, we laughed and partied and enjoyed major quality time.

Love, Julie.


  1. Tolle Bilder! Scheint ne Superparty gewesen zu sein ;)

    Liebste Grüße

  2. tolle bilder :)!

    xx Vivi

  3. Oh Mann, ich bin noch nicht mal mit der Herbstdeko fertig und da steht schon wieder Weihnachten vor der Tür :-D.
    Tolle Fotos, da braucht man eigentlich nicht viel zu schreiben.
    Die Muffins/Cupcakes sehen lecker aus und die Feier scheint auch schön gewesen zu sein :).

    Liebst, Jane

  4. davon machen einige Fotos richtig Appetit ^^
    super schöne BIlder!
    :) greetings Lorá

  5. Tolle Bilder und die Cupcakes schauen super lecker aus :)

    Greetings from London,



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