1st of Advent

Happy first of December, ya'll! I'm always as excited as can be for this time of the year - snow, tea, cookies and comforting food, cuddles, presents and of course some quality time with your beloved ones. Christmas in my family has its tough sides too and ain't just all sparkly and picturesque, but I still love the movie-like sceneries and fairy lights you get to see everywhere around, plus I can't wait for my own little family to start traditions and discover a whole new American way of christmas. That's pretty much what you can expect when I'm the boss - an over the top deluxe kitchy feast ;) 

But for now, I just wanna wish you a lovely, super happy first advent Sunday and send you off with some exciting news: there's gonna be a great advent calendar filled with amazing giveaways, starting today! Try your luck till' December 24th when the last Austrian blogger closes her giveaway. A crazy cool prize will await you here on Stereotypically Me on Dec. 8th!

Love, Julie.

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  1. Auch dir einen tollen ersten Advent :)
    Schönen Kranz hast du :)

    Svetlana von Lavender Star

  2. Your blog is amazing! I'm in love with all of your amazing photos of incredible decor, these holiday themed set ups you've been posting about are making me so envious of your creativity! These advent candles are so lovely and make me excited about the upcoming holidays!

    I've followed you on GFC, hope you'll follow back!

    xx Debbie



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