Guerlain: Crazy Paris

Guerlain never ceases to amaze me with their pretty products and I'm always head over heels with the beauty surprises the company sends me. Some time ago, these goodies stepped into my life and today I wanna share some information about them with you! Maybe you still need some gift ideas for the upcoming holidays..

Love, Julie.

Crazy Météorites: Radiance powder to revive winter complexions and sweep away dullness. Creates a radiant and glowing effect. I honestly love the smell of this powder, although I'm not using it too often. I tend to stick with special occasions when it comes to using rather expensive (beauty) products.

Ultra Violet Top Coat: This nail polish shapes your nails and makes them look smooth and glossy with an acrylic effect. The real highlight, though, is that its pigments react to black light and makes your nails become fluorescent! Unfortunately, I haven't tried that glow-in-the-dark effect yet, (no disco time right now, but I noticed that my nails looked ultra bright and nice when I applied one coat of the varnish as base coat.  

Rouge Automatique: That hydrating long-lasting lip stick comes in a crazy cool packaging with neon details as a contrast to the shiny, intense and bold shade of the lip colour. Guerlain lipsticks are my favourites so far! Truly love them.


  1. super cute make up,


  2. hey! danke für deinen kommentar!
    ich war schon lange nicht mehr aktiv...
    das puder ist ja ein augenschmaus! aber der lippi ist mir zu metallisch :)
    alles liebe,

  3. Oh toll, der Lippenstift sieht toll aus! Tragefoto! :D


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