Christmas Decor Inspiration

I simply love the sparkly, cozy christmas time and am usually starting to decorate my home quite early. The reason why I didn't show you my festive apartment this year, is closely linked to our process of moving and getting our stuff together, which - unfortunately - turned out to be quite an ordeal instead of an adventure. Our new place is amazing and of course I tried to create a christmassy atmosphere by spreading the xmas love through decorative bits and pieces everywhere around the flat, but I don't wanna show you my beloved home until everything is kinda finished and on the right places. Nonetheless, here are some images for you - some taken inside my living room and the others at the Depot christmas presentation. The shop is my favourite besides H&M Home and Ikea and I love to buy pretty little things there; check it out at the big sale time and double the fun.. ;) Happy decoration inspo, y'all!

Love, Julie.


{Gift Guide} Designer Sale Picks

Wow, is it  r e a l l y  already the third Sunday in advent? Time sure does fly! As I am usually last minute at.. uhm, pretty everything, christmas shopping - which I dearly love! - isn't yet done in my household. If you as well still need some presents, I at least got you covered with some ideas. Frankly, you surprised me with the charming feedback on the last gift guide, so here's the second (and final) one in a row.

Christmas time clearly should not be all about excessive materialism, but I still think it's so nice to show your loved ones some affection by picking out something pretty or ticking off a piece of their wish lists. 

Today, I'm showing you a collage with my absolute favourite designer  s a l e  picks of the German fashion online shop www.fashionid.de. Whereas I have been cursed blessed with a rather exquisite and expensive taste, my student budget doesn't allow fashion investments of that kind. When I stumbled upon the sale category on the homepage, I found some rad affordable designer pieces though, and decided to share my faves with you. For more reduced clothes and accessories - hello christmas gifts! - check out: http://www.fashionid.de/damen/sale/

What do you think about my designer selection above? Aren't these items to die for?

Love, Julie.

*In cooperation with fashionid.de


{Gift Guide} Stocking Fillers and Christmas Presents under 100€ & Advent GIVEAWAY!

Template via Polyvore! (c) stereotypicallyme

Ho ho ho, lovelies - it's GIVEAWAY time! The weeks around christmas are usually filled with love, laughter, sugary food and hot beverages & loads of little gifts to show your significant others how much they mean to you. And for I know that this has just been the best case scenario and because I wanna make it a little easier for you to find the right pressies that may prevent you from having a no-idea-breakdown (ok, that might have been a tad too dramatic!), I created a gift guide with some of my favourite items and beautiful pieces i stumbled upon browsing the web. Click on the image for the Polyvore link with all details.

I also do wanna make my readers happy, which is why I'm giving away the most expensive item on the list (jackpot!!), namely the Jolly Days 'Couple Time'* adventure box, worth 99€! In order to win, you must be following the blog via GFC or Facebook and simply leave a comment with your e-mail address. The giveaway will end at midnight (t o n i g h t) and I'll contact the randomly chosen lucky winner tomorrow. 

Also, check out dedicated to for another giveaway today! Tomorrow, the Austrian Blogger Advent Calendar will open its third window at Pixi mit Milch and Lavender Star.

Love, Julie.

*Thanks to Jolly Days for teaming up with me and sponsoring the prize!


{1st Advent} My Boho DIY Advent Wreath

Have yourself a merry.. first advent Sunday! I love christmas time - always have, always will. I usually get in a quite festive mood while decorating my flat, especially when it comes to burning down countless candles. So, obviously, making my own advent wreath is something I like to celebrate by drinking mulled wine - or, wine in any form, frankly - and either listening to christmas classics or watching the first christmas movie of the year. This time, my dear friend N. joined me and yes, both, wine and movies, were included. Instead of going for the glittery, very pink and very kitschy version (like last year -> click here!), the decor of this year's wreath spontaneously turned out a tad hippiesque. How do you like my 'boho' advent piece?

Last but NOT least: the last picture, if you scroll down to the end, is kind of an invitation for you to take advantage of the Austrian Blogger Advent Calendar! From tomorrow till' the 24th, there'll be two different bloggers each day sharing christmassy posts and amazing giveaways with y'all! It's gonna be my turn soon - on Tuesday, the 2nd. Stay tuned!!

Love, Julie.

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Tchibo Christmas Event & My Favourite Pieces

Uh oh, it's getting pretty festive over here! I'm kicking off the christmas countdown with the Tchibo xmas collection presentation I attended a couple of weeks ago and am finally allowed to show you! As always, I'm just emphasizing on my favourite pieces - be sure to check out the homepage if you're into some products, instead of relying on your nearby shop - there's loads of pretty stuff online you won't find in stores. Some pieces might make perfect christmas pressies! I am still so in love with the apartment pictured below and am constantly swooning over the adorable interior and decoration. Sigh.

Love, Julie.


Blue Fedora & Houndstooth Scarf {Fall Look}

My loves, Autumn is such an easy and inspiring fashion season for me - which, for many reasons, makes me utterly happy. And though I'm looking forward to the upcoming winter time, dressing-wise it's getting harder, especially when considering outfit shoots in quite acceptable lighting.. 
Today's casual look combines some of my beloved basics and an all-time favourite pattern - houndstooth. That Zara scarf is from last season and SO comfy due to its blanket-size ;) The blue fedora is kinda like a 'steal deal' and borrowed from T.'s wardrobe. It is the key piece of my casual fall look and completed by the heavy statement necklace.

Love, Julie.

Fedora: H&M, Bag: Michael Kors, Boots: MaxShoes, 
Necklace: Primark, Rest: Zara