Friday Fancies

A heartfelt welcome to the weekend aaaand a brand-new regular blog series called 'Friday Fancies'. I've come up with this idea some time ago, when I thought of adding a weekly category to the blog which should give you an insight in what particularly made me happy throughout the week. I love reading Emily's 'Five Things' on Cupcakes and Cashmere and hope my turn will meet your interest as well. Feel free to tell me your opinion on this new category! Advice and inspiration always welcome ;)

So, what kept me going the past few days? Since I had written some exams in the beginning of the week and additional appointments to keep, relaxation was desperately needed. I was so looking forward to spend some leisure time socializing and having a moment or two for myself, too. The white chocolate Duplo (limited edition) was there to accompany me while studying and could just as well be described as comfort food. I had quite a few of these, honestly.. Healthier and consumed excessively, tea was my steady companion 24/7! One of my new year's resolutions has been drinking more water/ herbal tea - mission accomplished (so far). As a magazine junkie, I love to restock my reading pile. The current issue of 'Cosmopolitan' is just too pretty to pass without buying it. I love the colours and think Miley looks great on the cover. Last but not least: 'IT' by Alexa Chung - a beautiful coffee table book that I finally got to grab from my christmas pressies corner and am planning to start reading this weekend. The book's pretty look made me happy, especially when I realized how perfectly all of these items go together. Now, here's my first edition of 'Friday Fancies' - a pretty pink, happy mood board of the little things that help make the monotony of everyday life so much more enjoyable.

Love, Julie.


  1. super idee- gefällt mir sehr, sehr gut! und miley lieb ich sowieso hihi <3 liebste grüße, modelirium :)

  2. great idea :) i´ll be interested in next week also

    best wishes

  3. We liked very much this space!!
    Congrats it is a nice idea.

    Alicia & Sofía

  4. Hey:) Danke erstmal für deinen netten Kommentar auf meinem Blog. Hat mich wirklich gefreut!
    Also die Idee von friday-fancies find ich ja wirklich genial!! Vl sollte ich auch sowas in meinem Blog integrieren? mal sehen.
    Wie ist denn das Buch von Alexa Chung? Das wollt ich mir eigentlich zu Weihnachten gönnen, dann is es aber doch das id-covers geworden. Was im übrigen sehr empfehlenswert ist!
    Naja hab jz auch wieder einen post draussen, nach einiger Zeit von Blog-Abstinenz ;)

    LG aus Salzburg


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