Friday Fancies

I can't quite believe that another week - and the first month of 2014 - is already over. Welcome to February (better late than never, huh?) and welcome to the weekend, which automatically means it's time for my Friday Fancies! This week's edition is spicy.. Get all the details below! What have your favourites been throughout the week?

Somehow, almost all products that comforted me throughout the last few days had super lovely and intense fragrances or flavours. Being my favourite beauty product since Christmas, it was only fair to add the Body Shop 'Vanilla Bliss' shower gel to this list. Because I love the creamy vanilla scent, I also bought the home fragrance oil because I can't get enough of the delicious smell. Similar and yet so different is the next product of this week's mood board: the macadamia and vanilla Vandini body lotion. It's actually my girlfriend's and I love how it smells whenever she uses it. I would highly recommend it to anybody who fancies creamy, rich and yummy body lotions. My only Zara buy in weeks - despite the cheap sale! - has been the eau de toilette pictured above. It only cost about nine euros, smells heavenly and is perfect to carry in your bag for random day-to-day occasions. My final spicy favourite has been cinnamon. Pure fair trade cinnamon. I am currently doing a nasty detox cleanse (only for a very limited time, don't worry - I'm definitely not becoming one of these insta-crazy clean eating advocates!) and while I am literally dying of the lack of sugar and carbohydrates, berries covered in cinnamon are helping me through these hard times. I might be the worst chocolate addict around, though.. 

Love, Julie.


  1. Yes, Time flows ... But very interesting products. Didn´t know anyone :D #

    best wishes
    this way and maybe I will present ur blog

  2. Danke dir für deinen lieben Kommentar! :)
    Finde deinen Blog und folge dir gleich mal!
    Lg, Melli <3

  3. Herrlich duftende Sachen hast du da! Den Zimt von EZA hab ich auch :)

    Liebe Grüße :)

  4. Die Macadamia Bodylotion hatte ich auch schon. Mag den Geruch total.


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