Friday Fancies

On this week's fancy Friday, we do have a reason to celebrate: Love. Today is Valentine's Day and since I've just witnessed pure cruelty and a whole lot of (physical) harm in a relationship in my neighborhood, plus for a celeb separation I just wasn't prepared to deal with (Is it slightly weird to feel heartbroken for people you don't even know personally?), I'm more than certain about cherishing the person you're closest to. With that in mind, here's to a lovely Valentine's Day and a great weekend!

My weekly mood board consists of some items I really liked the last couple days, and some love for others. Currently on my nails: Jessica's hot coral shade called "Sun kissed beauty". A super lovely spring-like colour that lasts rather long and brightens up my greyish outfits. While at the local bio supermarket, I was beyond pleased to develop my nails matching the Cupper rosehip and hibiscus tea I was about to buy (most beautiful packaging, inside an out, just saying). It's the little things, you know... The lovey-dovey skull and the kitschy ribbon are indicators for today's festivities and proof of my romantic side. It was a part of my Ikea haul and I immediately thought like this was trash at it's finest. Last but most certainly not least, I wanna introduce you to a very good cause: the Caritas voucher pictured above! I can hardly go past charity of any kind and this one caught my eye at the cash counter of the supermarket I always use to get my groceries (Billa). For a 5€ donation you ensure that a baby in a third world country is given proper food. And honestly, what's this amount of money for anyone of us? A bottle of wine? The latest issue of InStyle or Vogue? Chocolate? I would love love love to inspire you to at least once spend your five euros on a good cause rather than any of these listed luxury items. Or maybe just get both - anyways, the feeling to help is rewarding enough, believe me!

Love, Julie.


Thanks for sharing your much appreciated thoughts with me! xo J.