Friday Fancies

The aesthetic appeal of this week(end)'s 'Friday Fancies' are really giving a lot of pleasure and are balm to my wounded soul ;) Like how can you not fall for these colours? I love a good combination of pastel pink and gold. Also, these items have really entertained me good throughout the past week. I hope you don't mind me write 'Friday Fancies' on a Saturday. I'm currently in Carinthia and dealing with a terrible lack of time due to family meetings and stuff. Have a great weekend! xo

I currently rediscovered my love for Sudoku. What started as an opportunity to kill time, yet don't rest my brain too much, quickly turned out to be a little addictive. I've spent numerous evenings on the couch doing Sudoku while watching TV. Perfectly calming! What I also did meanwhile was having a GÜ London dessert. (Or maybe two.) We tested 'Chocolate Vanilla Cheesecake' and 'Banoffee' - both yummy! I still might probably choose the second one, if I had to decide between these two. The delicate gold jewelry was a Bershka buy and had me swooning over it again and again. A real bargain (10€ for all together!) and worth every cent. And finally, my Valentine's roses. They're beyond beautiful and I hope they'll look equally nice once they're dried.

Love, Julie.


  1. i love sudoku too!!!

  2. love sudoku - thinking about buying a new one for the 9 hours flight :D

    best wishes
    this way for a blog presentation

  3. Hallöchen! Jetzt kann ich deinen blog wieder lesen und auch kommentieren, wie cool! Das is wieder mal ein toller friday fancies post, allerdings muss ich sagen, dass ich selbst nicht so viel mit sudoku anfangen kann, habs iwie nicht so mit zahlen hihi. Aber die farbe davon is soooo schön!
    lg aus Salzburg


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