Friday Fancies

Finally, a new Friday Fancies post! And it got finished just in time for the weekend, yay. This week's edition is a rather emotional and practical, compared to the more beauty-oriented ones before. The reason that for is a) I'm currently writing my second bachelor thesis and need to have it handed in in less than two weeks, which also does count as an excuse for my online absence, right? And b) My family visited me the past two days and saying goodbye to my darling little brother was heartbreaking +  the birthday party of one of my closest friends last week reminded me of how important true friends and people, who love and support you, really are. 

So, pictured above are my thesis necessities aka sweet, chocolaty treats and highlighting text marker stripes. Furthermore, there are my new fruity Labellos and items that represent beautiful memories. These Billa fair-trade chocolate covered berries are too good to be true! Unfortunately, there are just a few berries in the bag - but the price of 0,99€ is more than ok. While writing for hours, I could also eat for hours.. Snacks in small pieces come in handy ;) The watermelon and peach Labellos were part of a huge Beiersdorf pr package I received some time ago and I really love the smell these. So perfect for spring and summer. And last but not least a quote I can totally relate to: "Collect memories, not things." The ticket to Viennese zoo 'Schönbrunn' is left from yesterday's family date and the shiny lace heart is from my mom. I made her pay for it the last time in Carinthia ;)

Love, Julie.


  1. süßes macht arbeiten immer viel angenehmer :)

  2. I need to get myself some of those text strips!

    It's nice to see a more practical one than one with beauty products!

    Corinne x

  3. Der Beeren und Schoko Mix ist bestimmt sehr lecker! Viel Glück beim Schreiben deiner Arbeit :)


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