Natural Cosmetics {Weleda Nailcare}

A couple of days ago, I received a little Weleda package which contained the brand's new nail care line. As I love to do my nails when I'm a little stressed out, I immediately tried the products in the evening. And let me tell you something - I'm totally, utterly over the moon! So, what's news? There are three products to be launched in the next few weeks: a nail skin remover, a nail care pen and a nail oil pen. Each of those will be available for the price of 9, 95€ to 10, 95€ at drugstores and cosmetic shops. 

The vegan nail skin remover helps to moisturize and softly push back cuticles. The nail care pen is the intensive care product of the among, providing oils from pomegranate, jojoba, chamomile, shea butter, almond, coconut, sunflower, soy and bee's wax for nails and cuticles. To make it work, you have to spin and 'click' the end of the pen until the right amount of oil comes out and is ready to be massaged into the nails. The vegan nail oil pen is the third care product of the new array and also supplies the nails with several oils for protection and luminousness. 

Main ingredient of these products is  pomegranate, which was first found in Weleda's regenerative hand cream in 2009 and perfectly supplements the nail care launch. I have been using this hand creme for many years now and love the fact that Weleda is a certified cruelty-free, natural cosmetics brand.

Love, Julie.   

*A big 'thank you' to Weleda for providing me with these pr-samples.


  1. Pomegranate is one of my favourite smells! Definitely need to try this :)

  2. Very cool products! I'm also a huge fan of natural cosmetics.
    - Cécile


  3. ich finde die cupcake dose im hintergrund zuckersüß!

  4. Sehr schöne Vorstellung der Produkte, aber ich bin leider niemand der sich ständig die Nägel macht ;). Liegt wahrscheinlich daran, dass ich so total kleine Fingernägel habe und ich meistens finde, dass da Lack nicht wirklich gut drauf aussieht.

    Danke auch für dein liebes Kommentar.
    Dankeschön ;).
    Ja das stimmt, aber das ist ja wirklich jeden Monat so und ruck zuck ist schon wieder ein Jahr rum...

  5. Ach, hast du schöne Sachen bei dir stehen! Die Cupcakedose ist ja köstlich, von Depot ;) Hab nämlich selber kleine Deko Cupcakes von dort hihi


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